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Mayan Majesty

Mayan ruins in Tulum - photo James Andrew

Mayan ruins in Tulum - photo James Andrew

Whilst in Tulum a visit to the Mayan ruins is a must. Wait ’till you see my outfit, I look like a gay explorer from the 1970’s!


  1. Dean says:

    Beautiful image!

    Whatever James is wearing, it’s always correct!


  2. WIJW says:

    Thanks Dean for the kind words!

  3. Have to tell you that I Love James TV!!! I Watched it yesterday with a friend. Your photos look so cool and vintage, as do your selections! I am sharing your site with friends who LOVE IT!! I was in Tulum a few years ago….had a sandal blow out in the middle of the ruins… it did not destroy my fun and I left with Tulum gift shop sandals that I still wear!!..Safe ‘trippen’ home!! 


  4. a gay explorer from the 70s? can´t wait to see!!!!!!!

    big hug Darling! enjoy!


  5. Lola Montes says:

    me encanta la idea!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Christian,

    Stay tuned!

    New posts from our holiday in Tulum tomorrow.



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