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Marrakech in Motion


We need to get specific when setting goals – One often hears people say “someday” I am going to do this or that, and go here or there. Of course “someday” never happens! Setting a time-line and specific dates makes things unfold, and often quite beautifully at that. So I have set out my intention to travel to Marrakech as a birthday gift to myself in October – planning to split my stay between the spectacular AmanJena Hotel and La Mamounia. In addition to setting specific dates I have gone so far as to plan my outfits! Taking physical steps are first in order when actualizing a dream. Shut out the negative chatter and “just do it.” Trips like this cannot help but inspire!

Giving a glimpse of my upcoming “Millionaire in Marrakech” theme, I’m wearing a dusty mauve safari jacket by Gucci, a Yves Saint Laurent tunic style shirt in white cotton voile and white silk braid trim, flared leg Gucci khaki colored cotton pants, leather and woven fabric Gucci flip flops, brown suede and leather satchel by Gucci and sunglasses by Tom Ford.


  1. tartanscot says:

    it’s what I like to call “living intentionally.” I also find great power in writing my goals down . . . ’cause there is little on this earth more satisfying than checking those “to do’s” off the list.

    yay – for traveling ! !

  2. Shani says:

    I totally agree with tartanscot about writing those goals down. I also like to collect articles, stories, and photos relating to those goals. Sometimes I even put the goals in my iCal!

    Can’t wait to see your photos from Marrakech. I know they will be beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous. God, you even make lavendar look sensational. đŸ™‚

  4. Dean says:

    Good for you James. You can celebrate your birthday there in high style. Ony a couple of months left, and YOU ARE THERE !!

  5. Dean says:

    James ! Those hotel sites are AMAZING ! I see that at la mamounia, you will be arriving just after the grand re-opening ! How very exciting ! What a beautiful spiritual place.

  6. soesie says:

    The color of your jacket fits very well with some colors I ve seen in Marrakech architecture.
    Marrakech is a very colorful place… I am from morocco so I hope your enjoyed your stay.

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