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James Andrew in a shirt by Mark Pomerantz

James Andrew in a shirt by Mark Pomerantz – photo Marcus Andersson

For me, fine quality and discerning aesthetics have to go hand in hand, and this is exactly why I’m so in love with Mark Pomerantz’s marvelous made-to-measure line.

It’s actually more of a collection of pieces than simply a “line” — a true expression of Pomerantz’s sartorial vision. With a lifelong passion for design and tailoring, he gives each garment a distinct finish that is equally beautiful on the inside as the outside. With designs that are both classic and innovative, Mark Pomerantz is a luxury goods house that I’m thrilled to add to my list of go-to designers — this is a no-comprise brand!

Mark Pomerantz

Mark Pomerantz

A few months ago, I had the great opportunity to preview Pomerantz’s Spring/Summer collection (which included some gorgeous fabrics). As it would happen, I’d been searching high and low for a Liberty of London-esq mini floral print shirt. Pomerantz had the perfect print, and in the most sublime shades of blues and amethyst! I simple had to have a shirt made. Pomerantz added exceptional details like hand sewn fabric covered buttons, making this shirt a real stand out, and one of my absolute favorites amongst the rather sizable quiver of fine shirts I now possess. I’m sporting this bit of bespoke brilliance by Mark Pomerantz, in a photograph by my friend, the multi talented Marcus Andersson.

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