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Manhattan Great Home

The Rhinelander Mansion is an enormous turn-of-the-century French Renaissance Revival home originally designed by architects Kimball & Thompson for the heiress Gertrude Rhinelander Waldo. Unfortunately Rhinelander never had the chance to move in, (possibly due to lack of funds), and the mansion remained vacant until the 20’s when it was converted into stores, offices, and studios. Thankfully in 1983 the Rhinelander was acquired by Ralph Lauren to house his flagship store. Lauren made extensive renovations to recreate the classic opulence of the original interior and structure and it truly is the most perfect staging for the rich, all inclusive world Lauren creates.


Reflecting on all that I learned from my time at Ralph Lauren I’m wearing a Gucci cognac colored pieced suede jacket, palest pink silk butterfly print shirt, python belt with silver double horse head buckle, python loafers and brown suede and leather satchel all by Gucci, Tom Ford sunglasses.


  1. I could see you moving in here, James! Gorgeous! Thanks for the fascinating history lessons… x

  2. an lor says:

    we need people like you in France………..thanks to be who you are

    An Lor

  3. chris says:

    Lovely building!
    Say, I’m beginning to think you’re a Gucci shareholder, you do seem to wear a LOT of Gucci đŸ™‚
    But you’re looking extremely jet-set again,comme d’habitude!

  4. thanks for the great story!
    you look great.

  5. tartanscot says:

    LOL – I was just scrolling down to “see what you were wearing” and recognized the “867” on the awning . . . before I even recognized the building. You’ve actually ‘upstaged’ the Polo Store. Kudos to you Mr. Andrew.

  6. Artur says:

    Just absolutly fabulous , love Gucci . And 90′

  7. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Artur!!!



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