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The Jansen Chair

The work of the Paris based firm Maison Jansen has always been a great source of inspiration to me. Founded in 1880, Jansen created interiors for such legendary style icons as the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Babe Paley, CZ Guest, and the Shah of Iran. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, Jansen continued to evolve, producing cutting edge furniture for their jet-set clientele. These beautiful modernist pieces, set within Jansen’s more traditional eighteenth century high style interiors, creates an intriguing conflation of modern and classic design, – a look that I often like to create in my own work.

Visiting the Pascal Boyer Gallery, I came across a pair of glass chairs by Jansen made in the 60’s. The bases are Bronze plated aluminum, the seat is a solid piece of bronze tempered glass, and the cushion is upholstered in white leather, – sublime!

Here I am considering which one of my projects could best benefit from one of these sculptural and actually quite comfortable chairs. I am wearing a charcoal wool nail head tweed suit by Gucci, black silk pocket square by Charvet, Tom Ford black and white cotton french cuff shirt, vintage moonstone cuff links from Ralph Lauren, Hermes black leather belt, Yves Saint Laurent aubergine suede “Eton” boots and glasses by Dior.


  1. Sascha says:

    Jansen was great decorateur!! Such a pity that the shop in Paris was closed som e years ago. The tent city extravaganza for the late Shah was of course at those days the party to end all parties.

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