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James Andrew Lyford

James Andrew Lyford

After a beautiful breakfast at Lyford’s pool terrace we were off to the beach for a bit of basking seaside. I adore these classic yellow and white striped beach cabanas and chairs at the club — they do transport one back.

The highlight of our recent trip to Lyford was a visit with the artist Jean-Charles de Ravenel at his ravishing home, Secondside. We took a pre-lunch swim with de Ravenel followed by some fortifying bull shots. Properly primed, we had a delicious al fresco luncheon with exquisite views — it was a refreshing meal with lobster tails, chicken salad, corn with cilantro and green salad. Perfection.

Jean-Charles de Ravenel at Lyford

Jean-Charles de Ravenel at Lyford

Of course, no visit with de Ravenel is complete without a viewing of some of his latest collage work, and we were extremely fortunate to have been afforded a glimpse of his work for an upcoming show in Los Angeles — opening on the 5th of November at Hollyhock, 927 N. La Cienega Blvd CA 90069 Los Angeles.

Our preview below of de Ravenel’s collages contain lithographed plates published in Paris in 1822 after original paintings by Louis Choris, depicting flora from Hawaii (then called the Sandwich islands). Choris, a Russian, joined aboard the ship called Rurik, which sail set on an expedition in the early 1800s on the initiative of Count Romanzoff — it was a voyage of discovery that included Micronesia, the Aleutian Islands, and San Francisco Bay. These works would be spectacular for a tropics-related interior theme.

Louis CHORIS - Fruit from_the Breadfruit Tree  20 x 26

Louis CHORIS – Fruit from the Breadfruit Tree – 20″ x 26″ by Jean-Charles de Ravenel (click to enlarge)

Louis CHORIS - Fruit from the Coconut Tree - 20" x 26"

Louis CHORIS – Fruit from the Coconut Tree – 20″ x 26″ by Jean-Charles de Ravenel (click to enlarge)

For those members at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club in Gates Mills, Ohio, de Ravenel will be giving a lecture there about his work, highlighting his process and commissions.

For a day of luxury (top), I’m sporting a cotton voile embroidered Indian kurta shirt, Orlebar Brown “Setter” shorts in white, white braided leather flip flops from Schettino Capri, Gucci sunglasses, vintage Rolex, and vintage Gucci tote.

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  1. Do you have any idea the “complete manhunt” you will spark?? People will be scrambling……the web may go down!
    finding every single thing in this post! Google may crash!!

    I, for one, will take it easy….go to Suzanne’s divine shop (she is a divine long-time friend); and just see if she has found someone to make that yellow and white thing and the chairs…..YET!!!

    And meet these divine people from Lyford! the most heavenly place!!!



    chic beyond! All of it!

  2. oh dear Who knew that there was another “Valley Hunt Club” in Ohio! Or anywhere in the US!!??!!

    Chagrin Valley? We need to get in touch!

    the “Valley Hunt Club in Pasadena, California….founded in 1888! (very old for southern California!!)



  3. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope Bianchi,

    You will just adore Jean-Charles de Ravenel – quite possibly the most elegant man I have ever met.

    I can find out where the yellow and white striped cabanas and chairs are made for you.

    Tell everyone to attend the exhibition of his collage at Hollyhock and he also does commissions- so very sublime- I just adore him and all that he does.

    Please give him a big kiss for me when you meet him!

    Love and ALL my best,


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