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Luminous Interiors by Brian J. McCarthy

Luminous Interiors

I’m thrilled to be sharing Brian J. McCarthy’s brilliant book, Luminous Interiors. McCarthy’s aesthetic is rooted in the ethos of Parish-Hadley where quality, innovation, elegance and livability were of utmost importance. Albert Hadley encouraged curiosity, and a desire to continually refine one’s sensibilities. Like Hadley, Brian McCarthy traveled far and wide in search of the most talented artisans. A self-described “constant student” he has built upon every experience. He’s created truly sublime interiors throughout the world, and now you can see many of his most exclusive gems here in this rich volume, Luminous Interiors. The book is an utter inspiration—and certainly it’s a must-have addition to your design library! Buy your copy on Amazon here: Luminous Interiors: The Houses of Brian McCarthy

Interior by Brian J. McCarthy

Interior by Brian J. McCarthy

So many illuminati of the design world have arisen from the firm Parish-Hadley; iconic designers like Bunny Williams, David Kleinberg, and Brian J.McCarthy to name a few. Needless to say, I’m honored to have shared in this great design legacy during my own time working with Albert Hadley!

James Andrew at Brian J. McCarthy and Danny Sager's New York apartment

James Andrew at Brian J. McCarthy and Danny Sager’s New York home

I stopped by Brian J. McCarthy and Danny Sager’s New York home for an intimate Hadley reunion and to celebrate McCarthy’s publication. I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci red leather biker jacket, Tom Ford brown corduroy pants and brown leather tasseled loafers, Uniqlo brown cashmere turtleneck sweater, Etro silk paisley scarf, Rolex watch and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.

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  1. James,

    Albert would be so pleased to see this post! You look fantastic,
    as always.


  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Thank You!

    I am sure he is looking on from the spirit world with great pleasure!



  3. What fun! Brian and Danny are friends, and I was only recently in the room you are photographed in here. So chic! Love the coordination of your outfit with the interior . . . I suspect not without a wee bit of forethought! Reggie

  4. La Contessa says:

    Love the creatures that are FLANKING you in the last photo!I am going to need another ROOM to house all these books you keep recommending!Amazon, was unable to send me the LAST KNIGHT due to it being SOLD OUT!
    Party here tonight…..35 to 40 for dessert.MUST clear the kitchen area…….How I will manage to do that I doNOT know!Off and skipping!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Reggie,

    I just adore these two!!!

    The Parish Hadley connection is very powerful in addition one of my closest friends is a dear old friends of Brian and Danny.

    The apartment is just stunning as is ALL of his work!

    Very happy to celebrate and support him!



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    Les Lalannes are just remarkable!!!

    Brian has the eye of a museum curator!

    The book will be WELL worth your while it is one of the most ravishing!

    I love the idea of a desert party!



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