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Leaving Lyford…But Not For long!

James Andrew in Lyford

James Andrew in Lyford

Every visit to Lyford finds me falling deeper in love—as my super stylish friend John Fondas observed recently, I have found my people here…and, after all, why wouldn’t I want to to surround myself with such an elegant and sophisticated set? I’m happy to say that with decorating and design opportunities presenting themselves and increased interest in the work of nautical portraitist (and phenominal storyboarding artist) Scott McBee we no doubt will be becoming regulars at this Bahamian paradise..

One property that really has captured my eye (and we’ve mentioned it before) is the ravishing ruin of a 3-4 bedroom house by the celebrated architect, Henry Mellich. The fate of this glorious property still remains rather uncertain, and although I find this disturbing, perhaps the delay is allowing time for me to manifest my magnificent fantasies—it may seem like a dream at this point, but it’s hard to convey the pleasure I derive from envisioning myself in residence here.

Tropical Villa by architect Henry Mellich

Tropical Villa by architect Henry Mellich

Channeling the somewhat louche Lord Glenconner as photographed by Slim Aarons, I’m sporting a Gucci mint green cotton twill suit and python belt with silver buckle, Tom Ford white cotton shirt with French cuffs and ivory suede loafers, antique aqua marine and diamond cuff links , Etro mini floral and paisley silk pocket square, vintage straw hat Rolex stainless steel watch and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. How wonderful is that little pavilion?

    Somewhat louche? Marvelous!

  2. Dean says:

    That house has your name all over it!

  3. James Andrew says:

    Hello Down East Dilettante,

    Isn’t that the best word – louche – was happy to finally use it here.

    This is the most sublime pavilion!

    I hope it will be mine.



  4. James Andrew says:

    Hello jon k,

    I just love hearing from you here on WIJW?



  5. M.B. says:

    Awesome style, as always.

  6. PAVILION!! Key word!

    NOthing is better! And that treasure is something else!

    Our former house in Pasadena was copied by a friend of my mother’s (in the fifties no less!!!) from a tour of “Pavillons” outside Paris (the book “Pavillions” written by “Cyrill Connolly”? (it is late!)
    with her architect! She brought back 18th c. boiserie with the chinoiserie oil paintings above the doors; (used in the master bedroom) and doors, consoles and trumeaus! 4 consoles!!! (attached to the walls! Trumeaux (sp?) above!!

    And it was a pavilion! (one big room)! and usually one bedroom (they had another for this lady’s mother)

    We copied a lot of that floor plan here in Santa Barbara!

    I saw this house when I was at Lyford. I am sending lots of energy into the stratosphere…….this house needs you!!! I want you to have it!!!


  7. I mean I saw “your house” when I was in Lyford!

    pavillion has two l’s!


  8. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Penelope,

    What a wonderful story!

    Are there any photos of this house that was built in the 50’s is it still around?

    I have that book and spend hours dreaming of having a home or 2 like one of these.

    I would think it perfect to have a Tropical Villa and a country house pavillion.

    Yes please keep sending the energy that somehow I am able to rescue this house.

    You would of course be a most welcome guest.

    Light and Love


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