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Le Sirenuse

James Andrew at Le Sirenuse.

James Andrew at Le Sirenuse.

When I travel, I always search for accommodations that will capture the essence of a region. Having been to Le Sirenuse, I’ll now simply always equate the Amalfi coast with this most perfect of hotels. Le Sirenuse is in fact quite possibly the finest hotel that I’ve ever been to. And you needn’t only take my word for it – Le Sirenuse rates among Europe’s best hotels, and continues to draw in an ever impressive array of famous guests who most certainly share my opinion.

Le Sirenuse hotel.

Le Sirenuse hotel.

Le Sirenuse was originally built in the 18th century for the Marchese Sersale as a family palazzo. Upon opening its doors to the public in 1951, it quickly became one of the most glamorous hotels on the Amalfi Coast. Everything here is highly considered – the antique furniture, fine cotton and linen fabrics, and the art – all chosen with a chic sensibility and awareness of place – a refined honesty and heightened attention to detail very much in keeping with the property’s aristocratic legacy.

The Sersale family crest.

The Sersale family crest.

Of course Le Sirenuse is a hotel, and as such it is equipped with absolutely all of the amenities befitting a world class establishment. These include a spa, the renowned restaurant La Sponda, a spectacular swimming pool with truly transcendent views of the coast and the Mediterranean sea beyond, etc. etc. And you may recall we used the word “immaculate” in our last Sirenuse post? Yes, this is an exceptionally pristine hotel, and it comes as no surprise that Antonio Sersale calls himself a maintenance maniac. Of course we were more than happy to gain from Sersale’s singularly beneficial affliction!

Oh and when you go to Le Sirenuse, do venture to Carla Sersale’s super chic Emporio Le SIrenuse! Be sure to pick up several of the Sersale Eau d’Italie scents. Inpsired by the fragrant Mediterranean, the Paestum Rose became my scent of choice for the remainder of our holiday. One hint of it now plunges me into the most delicious of reveries.

Left to right. Antonio Sersale, James Andrew, and Carla Sersale.

Left to right. Antonio Sersale, James Andrew, and Carla Sersale.

When all is said, it really is the Sersales that create the magic in Le Sirenuse. McBee and I did have the privilege to dine at La Sponda with the exceptionally creative husband and wife team, and over a magnificent eight course meal we shared thoughts on many fronts – from ideas regarding opportunities in hotelier consulting (we’d certainly take the Sersale’s invaluable advice on this subject) to ventures in creative writing. Indeed, we hear there is a new Sersale blog in the works! We’ll of course be sure to keep you apprised.

We are gushing on a bit here, we know, and we make no excuses – you see, its just that we’re suffering from a sweet but terribly painful love hangover since our return to NYC – with the only possibility for relief being in a swift return to the heavenly realm of Le Sirenuse!

I’m pictured (top) at La Sponda sporting a royal blue cotton sateen jacket , medallion print cotton pant in blues and turquoise, brown leather sandals and a python belt all by Gucci, Turnbull and Asser turquoise and white herringbone cotton shirt with contrast white collar and french cuffs, Seaman ScheppsCharvet, Cartier “Tank Divan” from Raj Tolaram.


  1. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Was für ein wunderschönes Hotel…..

    Blau ist Deine Farbe, steht Dir super gut!



  2. Pink Cinnamon says:

    OMG-you look so handsome with this blue jacket! Le Sirenuse looks like paradise…….

  3. Jemimagold says:

    Absolutely love those pants!! Why no mention of your cologne?

  4. jon stone says:

    hello James, another winning ensemble. The pants are so reminisent of mosic tiles found in the arcitecture of the region, the jacket and shirt mimic the ocean and sky!! Well done!

  5. DeanFarris says:

    Dear James,

    What can I say ? You’ve gone overboard with the fabulosity, and we all LOVE it !!! Le Sirenuse is so elegant, your natural aristocracy is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. If Elsie deWolfe were alive today, I’m sure she’d have a blog too, and would be showing similar places people and things. It’s a joy to visit WIJW each and every day ! Grazie bello !

    Dino di Napoli

  6. Le Sirenuse. Why would you leave? I had to adjust the monitor at first a bit but realized the pants were real. Courage to wear, result is smashing.

  7. Soren Romer says:

    I must say, the fact that you say that Le Sirenuse is maybe the best hotel you ever stayed at, is possibly the best recommendation it could get!

    Your outfit pays great tribute to the Mediterranean, by the way!

  8. Loving this total Gucci look!

  9. Edie B. says:

    Wow, I would love to be there with my cats and racoons 😉



  10. K. A. Adams says:

    Hey James

    The Italian series has been very good. Your writing is excellent and
    at times reminds me of Proust

    I believe things are coming together in a stronger way Keep up the
    good work.

    Perhaps there’s a collaboration coming soon from Travel and Leisure
    etc ?!



  11. The aristocratic Ones says:

    This Hotel is great, perfect for us, thank you for sharing these nice destinations dear James, we are loving you and your blog!

  12. Matt says:

    A rhapsody in blue – love it!

  13. How I have enjoyed these posts about your visit to Amalfi. The photos are incredible. I think I’d be perfectly happy to live there the rest of my life, with a little terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. There is a great deal of man made and natural beauty there, but it takes a trained and receptive eye to know it, describe it, and direct such photos.

  14. simply


    enjoiy reading your reports of the perfect world

    warmest, Julius

  15. WOW! Who knew David Hicks did trousers? Ha,ha, love it with the flip flops. x

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