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Le Marocain Restaurant at La Mamounia

James Andrew at Le Marocain - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at Le Marocain - photo Gabriel Everett

As you know, I always make tasting local cuisine a huge part of my travels—indeed it can be a superb basis for any travel itinerary. A stay at La Mamounia is one of those total sensory experiences designed to deliver the best of what Morocco has to offer, and as one might imagine, they provide some superb dining options. We were thrilled with La Mamounia’s not one, but three restaurants, and in particular, their restaurant Le Marocain.

Le Morocain restaurant courtyard.

Le Morocain restaurant courtyard.

Primed with pre-dinner cocktails from one of the hotel’s opulent bars, we made our way to the heart of La Mamounia’s lush garden. Housed in a ravishing riad there, Le Marocain’s long-time Chef Rachid Agouray serves a delicious contemporary take on traditional Moroccan cuisine—in consort with some truly marvelous Moroccan wines, we were, how shall I say this, thoroughly transported.

Le Morocain

Le Morocain

Le Morocain

Le Morocain

Dressed to celebrate this magical evening in what I call my “millionaire-in-Marrakech” look (top), I’m sporting an ivory linen sateen suit, lavender cotton glen check pocket square and sand colored suede loafers by Tom Ford, a Gucci silk paisley Moroccan inspired shirt in lavender and ivory, python belt with silver buckle, vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. Gagootz says:

    I love your Tom Ford suits. How many do you own by now? Must be dozens!

  2. Dean says:

    Sexy super model, happy birthday!

  3. Juan Moliné says:

    Fantástico!!! 😉

  4. Lino Perez says:

    Genial!!! James, estas super guapo.

  5. Marc de Paris says:

    Happy birthday, James!

    If there were United States of elegance, you would be the new president.

    Best wishes and don’t forget your promise to celebrate your birthday in Paris!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Well Hello Dean,

    Thank You and Welcome Back!



  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Marc,

    Your comment is GENIUS!

    Thank You!

    Light and Blessings


  8. Denise Wheeler says:

    Morocco was made for you — gorgeous, sensual, and intoxicatingly photogenic. We should all look so good, leaning up against a column!

    xo D

  9. James Andrew says:

    Darling Denise,

    You are very kind and I so enjoy all that you share on FB!

    With these posts it was my goal to really flesh out my most outrageous fantasies of this mystical place.

    My dear friend – photographer Gabriel Everett – brilliantly brought out the absolute best in me.



  10. Oh dear Lord!

    I lost you!!!

    I read you; I actually wrote comments……..(which I never saw!) I did not know that you did not recieve ten! Yikes!

    Is there a way that you could have a thing that “subscribe by email” on your blog?

    some of us find that RSS feed thing cumbersome……

    And adore every single post!

    Yikes! The posts are just “out of reach” Terrible! HELP!!!





    ps subscribe by email…….?? is that possible ?

  11. I love every single post……I just do not get the “feed” very well. Any chance for an email subscription? I have told other friends….this is the best!) and they don’t get the “RSS” thing…..

    subscribe by email?

    I love you and your clothes……..and we met with DPC!! In that very cool house on the upper east side!

    I have no idea if you know…..I now have a website….

    I did not know how to view you on a regular basis!

    http://www.mccormickinteriors.com !

    See what you think!

    You are the chicest and most interesting guy on earth!


  12. James Andrew says:

    Darling Penelope,

    Thank you for all your love and support!

    How beyond fabulous to receive such tremendous accolades from some one like you with such a highly evolved and sophisticated aesthetic!

    What a small world- fascinating that you and Kendall are related!

    Your website is so wonderfully chic!

    Well done!



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