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Lacquered Walls

Dark lacquered walls are a signature look of mine. This high gloss treatment really adds depth and drama to dark colors. Here, in my own dining room/library, I had my walls lacquered in a rich aubergine color. My ceiling is tiled in an unusual holographic silver vinyl, which subtley reflects varying specral accents – like a silver leaf with an ultra-glam twist. I used bright white on the moldings, bookcases, and the Frances Elkins loop chairs to create a clean, contrasty definition to the space.

I am wearing a chartreuse suede safari jacket by Gucci, (these luxurious light weight suede pieces are great for transitional looks – summer to fall, or spring to summer), a Tom Ford brown cotton shirt with contrast white collar, vintage moonstone cuff links by Ralph Lauren, brown leather belt by Hermes, paper denim skinny jeans, and, hidden from sight, a pair of Gucci python loafers.

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  1. James- I never tire of seeing this room. I love the glossy aubergine walls.

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