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Kips Bay Decorator Kristen McGinnis

James Andrew in Kristen McGinnis' Kips Bay Interior

James Andrew in Kristen McGinnis’ Kips Bay Interior

While sadly the Kips Bay Decorator Show House has now come to a close, I thought to share what was really the highlight of the show for me, namely my friend and colleague, Kristen McGinnis’ magnificent room.

Kristen McGinnis' Kips Bay Interior

Kristen McGinnis’ Kips Bay Interior

Elliot Hundley, a long time friend of McGinnis’, created a sculpture for her that acted as a light fixture, and as Mcginnis tells us, also became the starting point for her Kips Bay design. Its exactly the sort of spectacular piece that can really inform a whole point of view. Her lusciously lacquered walls provided a rich and unusual backdrop for a truly magnificent choice of furniture and art.

Kristen McGinnis' Kips Bay Interior

Kristen McGinnis’ Kips Bay Interior

It was a true delight to see such a thoroughly realized and accomplished vision—a rare thing these days. Thank you Kristen!

For my final visit to the KBDSH, I’m sporting a Tom Ford ivory linen sateen suit, brown and pale pink floral print shirt, pink silk knit tie, brown and ivory glen plaid silk pocket square, brown leather belt with rose gold buckle and brown leather tassled loafers. Vintage Rolex watch and my fragrance is Eau d’Italie’s innovative and complex Paestum Rose.


  1. Matt says:

    Summer has arrived and Mr Andrew is looking very elegant today.
    Simply love the attire, but what strikes me most is your new hairdo and facial hair, you look movie star stunning!

    Big hug – Matt

  2. James Andrew says:

    Well Matt ,

    So sweet of you to say such nice things- WOW! Movie Star stunning- Thank You!

    I guess we can stand in the back or step up and be the star.

    Hugs to you as well!



  3. Jon k says:

    loving the hair, looking good

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Jon K,

    Thank You!

    I have always been inspired by your luscious locks!



  5. Love the brown and pink shirt with the ivory suit James: what is the painting in front of which you stand? (Such a good photograph, the way the canvas is cropped).

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Robert,

    It is from the 60’s I forgot the name of the artist – I am sorry to say.


    Thank You! I too adore this mix of ivory with brown and pink- would make for a smashing room as well.