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James Andrew at Indochine

James Andrew at Indochine - photo Lars Stephan

indochinedoor21Indochine – the name evokes images of a wild colonial confluence of cultures, and while often fraught with struggle, French Indochina produced some of the most sophisticated flavors on the planet – which brings me to Indochine the New York City restaurant – a premier destination for some of the City’s most beautiful and discerning diners.

We at WIJW keep talking about the “total sensory experience” – Indochine is that to the Nth degree – Luscious monumental tropical arrangements (refreshed every week) tower grandly throughout, a bold Banana leaf wallpaper punctuates the walls, rattan furniture for the waiting area, undulating overhead fans, deep comfy booths beckon one to crisp white linen covered tables, while unbelievably graceful wait staff serve and facilitate confidently, appearing here and there in the ambient glow of the half light – this is the perfect future/past ultra chic French/Vietnamese experience!


I can proudly say I’ve been coming here since my early days as a New Yorker some 20 years ago, and the place and the cuisine miraculously remains absolutely as fresh as my very first visit. Do eat here – the food is of course heaven realm stuff, and the presentation absolutely always demands pause for appreciation.


I’m pictured (top of post) at Indochine wearing a Balenciaga olive cotton/silk Asian inspired shirt with loop closures over a Michael Kors ivory knit cotton top with crocheted placket, white skinny jean by Diesel, woven white cotton Gucci belt with brown alligator and bamboo D ring, Gucci Asian inspired flip flops in brown velvet and woven straw and leather, and to complete the look, I’m wearing my fab KVA sunglasses created for Oliver Peoples.


  1. wendy says:

    James – let me know when you’re going again – I can’t imagine going without YOU!

  2. Brad says:

    That place looks amazing and so do you!

  3. Bruno says:

    This post is brilliant! As usual your look is perfectly going with the place tones! Bravo!

  4. Dean says:

    Beautiful James, I admire you so much and hope to dine at Indochine soon.

  5. Mag Lissperg says:

    Dear James,

    it sounds wonderful I´m sure it is a unique experience to visit this marvelous restaurant, I´m totally seduced by the idea, your way of describing this place makes me almost feel I´m there having a woderful time there. Can´t wait to visit it when I´m in NYC.

    Best Regards,


  6. Christian Fuchs says:


    Indochine looks abso-bloomin-lutely fabulous! I fell inlove with your balenciaga cotton/ silk shirt. Can´t wait to have lunch or dinner at Indochine with you.

    Hugs from Lima


  7. Ally says:

    Beautiful photo. I love the blog, all the colors, articles, and stories!

  8. David says:

    Dear James, looking fab as usual! Must look up Indochine when I am in NY later this month. What a pity we have to get through the fall/winter/spring before we see you in your white skinny Diesels again!

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