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Imagination Realized

Many years ago, in the pages of one of my mothers discarded Vogue magazines, the October 1977 issue to be precise, I found my career path. Within those pages was the magical San Francisco home of Ann and Gordon Getty, an elegant neoclassical house by architect Willis Polk. Mrs Getty’s preference at the time was described as “chintz and eclectic…easy English.” Getty wanted spaces splendid enough to accommodate the most beautiful 18th and 19th century English furniture she could find. She opted to use the legendary firm Parish Hadley whose premise was never to dominate or eliminate the client. Needless to say, with the help of Parish Hadley, her collection of furniture was shown to spectacular effect.

I was intoxicated by those extraordinary images in the pages of Vogue, and fantasized constantly about creating rooms like them for discerning clients. Often imagination becomes reality, and in my case this has been proven many times over – I did indeed get to create similar rooms and work for the legendary firm of Parish Hadley!

Here I am whimsically depicted by the accomplished illustrator and artist Scott McBee in a dining room with 18th century style hand painted wallpaper and mirrored treillage borders based on an interior by Albert Hadley. I look forward to designing an updated version of this room for my own future town house!

I am illustrated wearing a cognac corduroy suit, an over sized silk paisley scarf, a silk cotton Russian floral print shirt, and brown leather “Chelsea” boots all by Gucci, glasses are Tom Ford.


  1. Paulette says:


    “Chanel gave women freedom. Yves Saint Laurent gave them power.”
    Pierre Berge

    These illustrations give you freedom to time travel in a world created by Scott, through the power of Style and Story.

    More illustrations please,
    This Rocks My World.


  2. sascha says:

    darling james, nice portrait of your boy friend, your are the best

  3. Wow, crazy beautiful illustration! Thanks Scott!

    Very Best,

    Alexander Scott

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