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Shooting Party

James Andrew at Ann-Morris Antiques

James Andrew at Ann-Morris Antiques

It may appear that I’ve been separated from my shooting party and am taking refuge in a charming little antiques shop somewhere deep in the English country side. In actuality I’m in the rich heartland of New York City at the brilliant Ann-Morris Antiques (located at 239 East 60th street). Here you’ll find a gorgeous assortment of English antiques and editions of lighting created from antiques. So whether you are furnishing a Georgian Manor house or a Cotswold cottage this is the place to go for some very special selections.

I’m seated on a fantastic “Mouseman” table/bench – Ann-Morris Antiques always has a lovely assortment of Mouseman – each one of these pieces is signed with a finely carved trademark mouse, and I’m wild about them!

I’m wearing a Gucci dusty olive nylon box quilted hunting jacket with brown suede accents, a Tom Ford brown cotton safari shirt, Alexander McQueen wool herringbone tweed cargo style pant, a python belt with silver double horse head buckle and Le Chameau chasseur hunting boots.


  1. It must be a wonderful place! I love all the english paraphernalia.
    By the way, I love the McQueens trousers.

  2. Dean says:

    James, I love Ann Morris, and you look great in this shot, as always !


  3. jason says:

    i saw those tweed alexander mcqueen pants @ barneys…LOVE them…love your entire look actually 🙂

  4. Sal W. says:

    i am relieved to read that you were not shooting anything! – fun story though.

  5. arandel-bugnet aurelie says:

    AurélieJames i love your boots and your natural style so glam…
    sweet kisses from paris

  6. Nick Zantop says:

    A beautiful store, and your attire could not be more perfect for the setting! The McQueen pants are really brilliant – loving the look with them tucked into the Le Chameau boots.

  7. Winston says:

    Hi James, the McQueen pants are awesome. Sydney, Australia says hi!
    Will be in NYC in Feb, will look to visit Ann-Morris antiques for sure.

    Diecast Agency

  8. Absolutely in Love says:

    I absolutely love it!

  9. Paper Doll says:

    Wow I love the painting with the dogs!

  10. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Ann Morris Antiques seem to have great things, I´m sure you had a very interesting time looking at every single object…….

  11. Maria da Gloria says:

    It looks really english!

    kisses from Brazil

    Maria da Gloria

  12. Louise Ellenborough says:

    Thank you for your great advice James, I´m furnishing my cottage these days, you gave me a very good idea!



  13. Secret Admirer says:

    You look lovely in that antique store, love your green boots; you´re sooo handsome!

  14. Monaco Girl says:

    I´m furnishing my old monaco, you know i live there!


    Monaco Girl

  15. Lil´Lilly says:

    This place has really cool stuff! Do they make sales?

  16. Tom Cavendish says:

    love the mouseman table!

  17. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Hallo mein Lieber!

    Dieser Laden hat sehr schöne Antiquitäten, ich brauche sehr viele Sachen im Moment für mein Wochenendhaus, es ist schade dass Ann Morris Antiques so weit entfernt von hier ist!

    Liebe Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  18. Lola Montes says:

    Qué cosas más lindas James, estoy segura de que tú conoces los mejores rincones de NY!



  19. Aurelia Camargo says:

    I need new stuff for my house, that style would be perfect!

  20. What can I do for you? says:


  21. Adelaide says:

    Your blog is always full of fresh ideas, I love it!

  22. Maria La Torre says:

    Me encantan los objetos que se pueden distinguir en la foto, creo que es un buen sitio para comprar antigüedaded! Veré de darme una vuelta cuando vaya para allá!

    Un beso


  23. Andy says:

    Strange that mouseman was mentioned…I viewed on Monday evening a huge collection which is being auctioned this week (with much else)in the heart of the Yorkshire dales…www.tennants.co.uk

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