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How to Be A Man by Glenn O’Brien

As you all no doubt have gathered by now, WIJW is on a mission to get people living the best life they can—we share our ideas on what we call “elevated living,” encourage our friends to be aware of the story they are telling themselves, and offer sartorial suggestions on, perhaps, what to wear and where to go along the way toward realizing a more satisfying and resplendent life.

I’m a voracious reader and when I find something really remarkable, I feel quite obliged to share. I highly recommend Glenn O’Brien’s brilliant new book, “How to Be A Man.” And incidentally it comes highly recommended by Tom Ford as well, who calls it “..a brilliant guide for the modern gentleman. Funny, informative, and written with great style and wit.”

A must read for every man aspiring to be the perfect gentleman, it addresses many many topics: from sex to style, manners to “man-scaping,” and everything in between!

Touted by O’Brien himself as “a guide to high style and brilliant behaviour [and] a road map out of the doldrums of social roite and onto the path of cultural triumph;” we’re happy to report that O’Brien’s work delivers on all accounts. Do pick this one up!

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