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Hello 2013

James Andrew 2013

James Andrew 2013

This year seems to have flown by at super sonic speed, and if you are anything like me, the new year brings with it a certain amount of self-reflection—a taking stock of where one has been, where one is, and where one hopes to be!

Of course there are some pitfalls to this sort of introspection; often the tendency is to compare our lives with the lives of others—we may look at their achievements and successes and wonder why perhaps we may have not done as well as they have. You may be familiar with this sort of thinking—and you’ll probably agree with me that it gets you nowhere!

The idea of success is relative—to some it holds the more ego-based ideals of money and prestige, and for others, success has more to do with how much joy and fulfillment they are experiencing, that is, in a less material sense. As for me, I don’t think these things are mutually exclusive—it’s OK to dream—to want more…AND enjoy all of the fulfillment and satisfaction that is naturally ours spiritually in the “now.” As for others, I celebrate those who have done well, and I find inspiration in their example. In fact, much of what we do here on WIJW is exactly that!

In 2013 I hope you’ll be getting more acquainted with the sense of satisfaction and inner divinity you already possess, and that you’ll also grant yourself permission to manifest all of your most outrageous dreams and fantasies!

My brilliant young friend, Paulo Cezar (author of the glorious The Cherry is on my Cake blog ) has this bit of priceless inspiration to share:

Your ultimate dream should be unreasonable and senseless. If it is not, you are not dreaming big enough. When you have a dream that is big enough it will be totally mind-blowing. It will be one that will challenge you and scare you at the same time. It will be a dream that is so huge you will get excited and question your own sanity at the same time.

So here’s to going off the deep end in 2013!

Captured by Scott McBee in my gracious drawing room, I’m outfitted to celebrate 2012 as well as all that awaits in 2013! I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci dinner jacket in black wool trimmed in black velvet, black wool tuxedo pant andblack patent leather opera pumps, Tom Ford aquamarine cotton tuxedo shirt and black and white silk pocket square, Ralph Lauren wool challis tartan tie, antique black pearl cuff links, Rolex watch and my fragrance is the very elegant Creed Millesime Imperial.


  1. Paulo Cezar says:

    A stunning 2013 to you James. All the best! 🙂

  2. wendy woo says:

    Dear James
    Such an inspiring statement as 2012 comes to a close!
    You are a constant source of encouragement to each of us to dream those big, wild, crazy dreams.
    You remind us to be selfless and celebrate the accomplishments of others as you support & celebrate their efforts here on WIJW.
    Here’s to 2013!

  3. Danny says:

    “Gracious drawing room”, that’s normally where aged celebs repose in “Hello!” Magazine… And is a disservice to your lovely space…. Happy New Year!

    X, Danny

  4. James Andrew says:

    Dear Wendy,

    Wishing you a spectacular 2013!

    I like this idea that by helping to support and promote others – we will be helped and promoted!



  5. James Andrew says:

    Oh Danny,

    Thank You!

    I was being a bit cheeky and stealing a line from “Ab Fab” when Patsy is interviewed by “Hello” magazine.

    So you are so spot on!

    Best Wishes for 2013!



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Paulo,

    Thank You for all the inspiration and for the wonderful New Years Wishes!

    Cheers to the fufillment of your wildest dreams and fantasies!


  7. Jonathon Baillieu says:

    James,I was introduced to your site early in 2012 and it has been been an absolute delight, I have enjoyed all your posts,taking me from the heat of tropical Queensland,here in Australia,to places I could only imagine,beautiful and exotic.You have introduced me to wonderful antique dealers,artists,fabulous fashion and aspects of life totally unavailable to me here in remote Australia,but,in your New Year post your reference to “gracious drawing room”I found incredibly pretentious.I wish you and Scott the very best for 2013 and look to many great and wonderful adventures through your eyes and your site.xx Jonathon.

  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Jonathan,

    So thrilled to hear you have been enjoying the journey that we have been sharing here on WIJW?

    I am truly amazed that we are able to connect with so many people all around the world- the beauty of technology at work.

    However we are so sorry to hear that you found our use of “gracious drawing room” – incredibly pretentious. We were simply being a bit cheeky and playing off the line used by Patsy in an Ab-Fab episode where she was being interviewed by – Hello – magazine.

    Funny how people react differently to things – did you read – Danny’s comment –

    “Gracious drawing room”, that’s normally where aged celebs repose in “Hello!” Magazine… And is a disservice to your lovely space…. Happy New Year!

    X, Danny

    So Danny felt I was being a bit disparaging and you felt it pretentious.

    If you knew me – then you would know there is nothing pretentious about me.

    I look forward to your comments and feedback!



  9. Danny says:

    Yes James,
    I looked and unlike Patsy you are not taping anything back….. But glad to know your tongue… is firmly in cheek!!!!


  10. Oonagh says:

    Happy new year James, and thank you for the inspiration in 2012. May your biggest dreams come true in 2013.
    And for the record, I found the “gracious drawing room” phrase funny – very Diana Cooper! How did I miss that it was a Patsyism?!
    Oonagh x

  11. Matt says:

    Happy New Year and wishing you and mr McBee a very inspiring and dapper 2013.

    BTW Swag outfit to ring in the new year!

    Hugs – Matt

  12. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt,

    I trust 2013 is off to a spectacular start for you!

    Thanks for all your support and feedback!

    Cheers and Many Thanks


  13. jon k says:

    mr bond

  14. POUYA says:


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