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Heavenly Stairway

My beloved Scott McBee whisked me away for a wonderful winter getaway this past weekend at the uber chic La Concha Resort just outside of Old San Juan Puerto Rico. This recently revamped iconic masterpiece of late 50’s tropical modernism provided me with some much needed rest and relaxation on the beach and inspired me with a whole host of fascinating design details – I look forward to incorporating many of these into upcoming projects. For example, I love this sculptural curved floating staircase – perfect for a duplex or to transform an existing uninspired utilitarian staircase into the ultimate super cool statement. Can’t wait!

Of course as always I had a blast pulling together my looks for this mini-holiday. I decided to do a mix of yellows, lavenders, and crisp whites. I am putting a bit of a twist on the tropical theme – instead of the Cuban guayabera cotton shirts popular in Latin America and the Caribbean, I chose an Indian version – a Kurta (panjabi). Here I am in front of this beautiful staircase wearing one of these Kurtas in heavily embroidered (Thank you Kuki) white cotton voile with a slim pair of white cotton shorts by H & M and a yellow ribbon belt by Club Monaco, completing the look with white leather Gucci loafers and sunglasses.


  1. All the Best says:

    James you look wonderful and very rested. Can’t wait to see you and Scott next month!

  2. Chelsey says:

    Hi James,
    I found your site through Google. I am doing a media plan for a class on Gucci Loafers, I tried finding an email on here to contact you directly, no luck. If you would be willing to email me so I can perhaps ask you one or two questions on why you wear Gucci loafers and how Gucci fits into you definition of style.

  3. Grant K. Gibson says:

    Looks like such a lovely trip.
    I am glad that you are in H&M and Club Monaco.
    I ADORE your blog so much- but it is so good to see you mixing things in that everyone can afford. Thanks for that!

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