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Great Style Is Always In Fashion

James Andrew at home - photo Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at home - photo Gabriel Everett

Legendary designers like Albert Hadley, David Hicks, Billy Baldwin and fashion/lifestyle icons like the Duke of Windsor, Gianni Agnelli and Lapo Elkann, all continue to have a huge influence on my thinking. If one were compelled to draw a defining lesson from these ultimate taste makers, I think it would be “great style is always in fashion.” While it’s a slogan that’s been bandied about a bit on the inter-webs in one form or another, it’s an idea that I’ve been considering as I field questions regarding trends and fashion. Granted, we all have outside influences, and I’ve made no mystery about mine, but I do refuse to blindly follow trends in design or in dress, preferring to be more “stylish” than “in style.” While the distinction may seem a bit semantic, I hope our readers see there is indeed a difference. Much in our society has become disposable, I think that is a given, but one doesn’t necessarily need to march to the prevailing drum. I personally want to be able to enjoy a favorite jacket, a comfortable sofa (occasionally reupholstered of course) , or some other accessory, twenty years down the line!

Referencing a photo of Diane Vreeland perched on her sofa (one of my favorite fashion pundits), I’m sporting a Tom Ford rustic charcoal wool silk mouline priest hat tweed “country jacket” with leather buttons and brown suede patches, white cotton shirt with French cuffs, teal and black hounds tooth cashmere silk tie, teal corduroy pant, teal and navy silk pocket square, Tom Ford era Gucci brown suede loafers, aquamarine and diamond cuff links, Gucci python belt my fragrance is Creed Windsor.


  1. Dean says:


    All you say is correct. I so agree with you! Funny, I just posted a Scavullo portrait of Gloria Vanderbilt yesterday, and this one of you reminds me of it. So elegant, so current, so modern, so with it, and so FAB! Congrats on your success in life and business!


  2. Matt says:

    Love the outfit, such great use of color and fabrics, but then no surprise you’re an interior designer.

  3. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt and Dean,

    Thanks! This was a fun photo to do and I am thrilled with the result.

    Gabriel Everett is just an amazing photographer.

    In this photo I get to showcase a bit of my interior as well as my sartorial splendour.



  4. jon k says:

    so warm and cozy, makes me want to sit on that sofa! Looking tremendous!


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