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James Andrew, Central Park

James Andrew, Central Park

Fashion Week is in full swing here in New York City, but I’m not as interested in it as my dear readers might imagine! In fact, I often feel a bit of remove when this spectacle comes to town.

Now, of course I adore fashion, and love seeing what talented designers bring to the runways and the pages of magazines…I’ve had quite a few inspiring “aha” moments as well when encountering a designer with true genius. Yet it’s much more important, I think, to create one’s own sense of style! Take for instance a style icon like Nan Kempner—she’d attend her favorite fashion shows and select the pieces that resonated with her. She’d acquire what she loved, and would wear pieces for thirty plus years with no regard for what the fashion pundits were dictating at any given time….The lesson? Style must always come before fashion!

Similarly, my own process involves making a survey of all of the various collections to see what’s out there, then based on my own sense of where my personal style is evolving, I’ll make my selections. My emphasis is on elegance and sophistication—a bit dressed up…finely tailored, definitely, and with a bold sense of color and pattern. I guess that is why I am so drawn to Tom Ford’s creations—they feel like bespoke pieces, rather than articles that scream the Tom Ford label. Of course, I’m keen to make everything my own, and as you know, I do mix and match quite a lot—I’m not simply wearing verbatim ensembles! One can learn so much from history as well, and I look to tastemakers of the past, as well as films and books to inspire my own sartorial splendor.

James Andrew, Central ParkFor this weekend’s winter trek through Central Park, I took a few cues from Hubert de Givenchy—this man oozes elegance. Images of him sporting a loden cape inspired me to want to bring back this almost forgotten but quite fabulous article of clothing. I was thrilled to find this vintage loden cape by Lodenfrey. It’s a smashing alternative to a typical wool jacket, and I find it adds a regal flair to even the most casual of outfits. In addition to this super chic cape, I’m sporting a Gucci brown wool hand knit sweater, Uniqlo brown cashmereturtleneck and jeans, Sermoneta forest green leather gloves, grey and green wool cap by Ben Adler-Scotland, Tom Ford sunglasses and of course my Le Chameau wellies. My fragrance is Creed Epicea.


  1. Valentino B says:

    Love this look on you – it is very different from what you normally do. It makes you look much younger. And cape is amazing!! Nice job 🙂

  2. James Andrew says:

    Hello Valentino B,

    Thank You!

    There is something rather playful and at the same time elegant about a cape- perhaps this is what comes through.



  3. Danny says:

    Embracing your inner school boy!! I would say Just William… with a nod to David Hicks… But then, like the intrepid Robin, you take off across the snow!

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Danny,

    You are a poet!

    Thank You!



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