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Graybill and Downs

When designing interiors for clients, I’m looking to create that total experience — that is, a fully fleshed out fantasy for all of the senses. In creating such a fully immersive experience, interior fragrance plays an absolutely vital role.

I myself have been fascinated by fragrance for as long as I can remember, and I’d like to think that I’ve developed a pretty good nose over these many years. It also may amuse you to know that more than one psychic has told me that I was a perfumier in a past life!

All that being said, it won’t surprise you to know that I’m constantly on the prowl — with nose to the air, so to speak — seeking out unusual candles and potpourri to complete the rooms I create — and of course I’m looking to satisfy my own olfactory cravings as well!

Enter Graybill & Downs: they’re an Atlanta based home furnishings company featuring a line that is modern and luxurious with a distinct touch of Southern charm and elegance — and oh, do they ever have a delicious selection of fine candles!

Founder, Paul Byron Downs, grew up in Atlanta. He started modeling in his 20s and soon traveled the world. For many years, he divided his time between Paris and New York City, indulging his many interests—he’s been a painter, sculptor, woodworker, entrepreneur, and restauranteur—he even created his own online magazine, “The Basics,” where he shared his musings on cooking and home design.

Graybill & Downs logo

Eventually the South, and particularly Atlanta, beckoned Downs back—it proved to be the perfect base of operations for Graybill & Downs (named in honor of Downs’ Savannah-born grandparents). He has now developed a unique line of hand blended candles, with seven scents to choose from — and all inspired by the South: English Ivy and Oak Moss, Peony, Boxwood Grove, Fleur de Coton, White pine, Tuberose and my personal favorite, Sweet Magnolia and Fig. Packaged in beautiful two lidded boxes and gray satin ribbon, they make a marvelous gift. In a word, they’re superb. Of course you’ll have to experience them yourself to know why we here at WIJW love them so. Do stock up now!

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  1. Dean Farris says:


  2. La Contessa says:

    I am LATE on the candle FAD……..but these MOVE me!I have an ancestor buried in SAVANNAH and his statue graces a round a bout there!I will look for them!The scents speak to me as well…………..
    Now,as for that jacket I was to get back to you about!I cannot find it!I really do not think I gave it away…….I will keep digging!It would be the wrong season now anyway………….and I do think it might fit YOU!So, fingers crossed I can find it!

  3. George Cruz says:

    Graybill and Downs seems like a lovely find of true quality, James. And if you’re recommending it, it must be a store with top-notch products. Enjoyed the read about it’s founder, too! Will have to give them a try! Thanks for the introduction, my savvy friend.
    I think it rich that you’ve been told by more than one psychic about being a perfumier in a past life. I can believe it, James! You have a refined quality that has the depth of an old soul. Anyway, thank you again for sharing your world. I always enjoy your always highly entertaining blog. XO

  4. James Andrew says:

    Hello My Dear La Contessa,

    SO you have some Southern roots ?

    Would love to see the statue of him.

    The collection of candles at Graybill & Downs is quite good!

    There is something wonderful about walking into someone’s home and to be greeted both with wonderful visuals but also some olfactory stimulation as well.

    No worries about the jacket- you are so delicious to think of me!

    Much Love


  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear George Cruz,

    Thank You!

    Yes – I am hoping that I can act as an aesthetic arbiter of sorts and help people sift through the myriad of products that exist!

    Magnolia is such a sublime scent – rather intoxicating – which is perhaps why it is one of my favorites.



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