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Gorgeous Gotham

James Andrew at 570 Lexington Avenue

James Andrew at 570 Lexington Avenue

There is so much beauty hidden away here in New York City. Whenever I’m given the opportunity to see a particularly choice bit of real estate, I do tend to take full advantage…and especially if it’s a rare up-close look at a magnificent Art Deco masterpiece like the General Electric Building at 570 Lexington Avenue.

When my friend David Griffin of Landmark Branding offered a private tour of the building’s extraordinary lobby with a reception party on the 45th floor, McBee and I RSVPd quite promptly. The occasion was an event entitled “Room at the Top,” hosted by Griffin in conjunction with Jennifer Wallace, Director of nAscent Art New York, and afforded a chance to really soak in this iconic John W. Cross designed 1931 skyscraper (originally built for RCA Victor). Walking its luxuriously glowing halls and rooms, it is not difficult to imagine the dreamy sense of promise and optimism that the radio age held at this time for a world deep in the midst of the depression (and perhaps just the thought of those glowing vacuum tubes and varnished consoles still holds a bit of dreaminess for some of us hopeless romantics!). In any case, it should go without saying that McBee and I are still beaming from our tour, and very much look forward to another one, hopefully soon again!

I’m sporting a Tom Ford “Country Jacket” in dark brown and black wool wide check, amber cashgora sweater, white cotton shirt, amber, brown, and ivory silk pocket square and brown leather tasseled loafers, Uniqlo jeans, Rolex, Hildestahl “Valfrid” leather tote and my fragrance is Tom Ford, “Oud.”

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  1. George Cruz says:

    James, you are so right that New York City has so much that is beautiful to discover and rediscover. When it comes to Art Deco, it really is a thrill, since that style has so much glamorous atmosphere. It was enjoyable to read of your tour of the General Electric building on Lexington Avenue.
    Now, what you are wearing is quite attractive! The Tom Ford country jacket in dark brown and black and the amber cashgora sweater are especially appealing together. I like that you paired them with your uniqlo jeans. It all adds up to an easygoing fall look that is quite eye-catching.
    I hope you are experiencing a joyful autumn, James.

  2. James Andrew says:

    Why Thank You Mr Cruz,

    It is so fun to discover these treasures!

    Jeans are just so easy – I have to be careful not to fall into a rut.



  3. Hello dear James. I was struck by the Deco beauty of the Fuller Building’s lobby the evening of Brian McCarthy’s book signing party that we both attended, and wished that I had taken a photo of it. Your post today reminds me of it, most pleasantly. It was fun to see and speak with you and Scott at the Irish Georgian Society “do” afterwards. Reggie

  4. James Andrew says:

    Darling Reggie,

    What a treat to see you at the Irish Georgian Society!

    I adore the Fuller building- it is where I worked when I was in the employ of Parish Hadley.



  5. Danny says:

    Oh James!
    This pic reminds me of those illustrated ads for menswear in the 70’s and 80’s…

    Looking both dapper and rugged in that lovely mix of tweed, cashgora and faded denim. In this pic, the jeans serve to highlight the more luxurious textures and tones on the other pieces…. In the same vein, a leather trim canvas fishing bag from British brand, Brady (labourandwait.co.uk) have looked “top”!

    X, Danny

  6. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Danny,

    Well as you know I am a child of the 70’s.

    What a wonderful website- I am a new fan of this brand – just so impossibly fresh and sublime in it’s simplicity.

    Thank You


  7. Danny says:

    Oh James,

    Glad to have been of help.
    BTW, I have no commercial interest in the store, or Brady, but I love those bags, and it’s the last place I saw them…

    x, Danny

  8. Danny says:

    They also do the best colour variants on Welsh blankets!

  9. Thanks for coming, James! Great picture of the lobby…and the look!

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