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Goods for Good

James Andrew

We at WIJW often speak about “elevated living,” and if you’ve read our thoughts on the subject then you will know that the sort of richness we are talking about is not just some sort of external makeover, but it is a richness that extend into all areas of our lives, inside and out.

To this end I think that one of the most powerful ways to affect change in our lives, is through the simple act of giving. It may seem counter intuitive in tough times to open one’s hearts and give, but this is a sure fire way to produce true and positive change in our own lives and the lives of others. In lending a hand to others we are also cultivate inner wealth – in effect one could call “giving” THE most essential part of one’s well-being stimulus plan!

And here is your chance – why not stop by the upcoming Malawi: Images of Progress? – a show and auction of Brian Marcus’ photographic work to support the Goods for Goods organization in their continued effort to improve the lives of children in Malawi – a portion of the funds will be going toward rebuilding one of the Goods for Goods program sites in Haiti.

The show and auction will be held at the Chelsea Art Museum – 556 West 22nd St. February 1st from 7:00-10:00PM. See Goods for Goods to obtain your ticket for entry. Hope to see you there!

photo by Brian Marcus

Many of Marcus’ captivating images show that despite the complex struggles the Malawi children face, there are moments of hope and possibility!

photo by Brian Marcus

photo by Brian Marcus

I’m at the legendary Fred Marcus Studio previewing Brian Marcus’ photographs and I’m wearing a forest green paper thin leather bomber jacket, dove gray cashmere turtleneck sweater, and window pane plaid wool pants all by Gucci, pale blue peccary gloves by Sermoneta, Submariner watch by Rolex, my shoes (not seen) are navy blue suede Gucci loafers.


  1. Tony says:


    I am just wondering your length and your weigh….because it is hard to guess by the pictures. As your eyes are they blue or green?

  2. Dean says:

    Great timely post James !


  3. Jay Gatsby says:

    I´m glad to know that WIJW promotes the help for Malawi children!

    Best Regards


  4. Absolutely in Love says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  5. Jane Ellenborough says:

    Love the pics!



  6. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Diese Kinder brauchen Hilfe, ich freu mich dass Du Dich um sie kümmerst. Du siehst sehr gut aus.

    Herzlichste Grüsse

    Deine Christiane

  7. Shani says:

    Beautiful photographs!

  8. Christian Fuchs says:

    Bryan Marcus pictures are really beautiful!



  9. Pearl Hammond says:

    Love your green leather jacket!

  10. Hallo mein Schatz! says:

    you are incredibly handsome!

  11. Super Trooper says:


  12. Maria La Torre says:

    que linda labor James! me encanta que en WIJW promocionen esto!



  13. Scott-Michael Anderson says:

    WOW! Love the ensemble, James….wish I could see those marvelous Gucci loafers! Oh, and great pictures for a good cause.

  14. Maria Juana de Esquivel says:

    Cómo me encantaría poder ayudar a esos niños!

  15. Lola Montes says:

    Que lindo James! Tienes un gran corazón!

  16. your biggest fan says:

    you have a great soul James!

  17. Freiin von Spiering says:

    Hallo mein Liebster!

    Was für schöne Bilder! Die Kinder sind ein Schatz, man muss sie auf jeden Fall helfen!

    Liebe Grüsse

    Marie FvS

  18. Edie Sue says:

    you are pure light!

  19. Simpática says:

    Me encanta que pienses en los niños necesitados, te envío la mejor energía desde aquí.



  20. Edie B. says:

    I am so happy you think about inner richness! You are a great man!

    Hugs and Kisses


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