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James Andrew courtesy Lonny - photo © Michael Devine

James Andrew courtesy Lonny Magazine – photo © Michael Devine

I just can’t tell you how thrilled and excited I was when my friend, super chic aesthete, writer, textile designer, blogger extraordinaire, Michael Devine asked me to be part of his piece for Lonny Magazine.

Michael Devine Reports is a ravishing column devoted to the fine art of entertaining, and I’m pleased to say WIJW is amongst some rather fabulous company at Lonny Magazine: take for instance the sublime swan Alexis Swanson Traina for one. I can’t imagine being more well placed!

See the full piece here: Michael Devine Reports: James Andrew Does Chic and Cheap Entertaining and read some of my musings on how everyone, regardless of budget, can create the most tremendous table settings. I of course jumped at the opportunity to host a little luncheon showcasing a table setting for Lonny’s readership!

A James Andrew table setting. photo © Michael Devine

A James Andrew table setting – photo © Michael Devine

We trust you’ll make Michael Devine Reports a go-to resource in your efforts toward more elevated living.

I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci navy velvet blazer, Tom Ford blue mini herringbone weave cotton shirt, brown cotton corduroy pants, and brown suede tasseled loafers, Gucci python belt, Charvet brown and blue retro print pocket square, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, Rolex, and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.

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  1. What a gorgeous table setting! What was on the menu?



  2. alexis t says:

    james, I LOVED your story– the whole high/ low is my absolute favorite. You know i am OBSESSED with your canary yellow Portugese cabbage pattern! It is my favorite in the world. I particularly love that you tracked it all down on Ebay. Like you, I have pieced together an entire collection of Bavarian colored-cut crystal wine glasses + cordials. We need to get our 2 collections together!!! With love, a

  3. James Andrew says:

    My Darling alexis t,

    Thank You!

    What a great honor to be featured in the same mag as you!

    You have the most exquisite taste and just get everything right!

    Looking forward to a brilliant collaboration with you!

    Love, Light and Lots of Blessings



  4. La Contessa says:

    Love the cabbage too!The glasses with the square bases…..EXQUISITE!
    I will dine with YOU any day!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Dear Michael Hampton,

    We feasted on Alex Hitz’s – My Beverly Hills Kitchen – tomato soup- super easy and yet very sophisticated, grilled cheese sandwiches with – Huntsman cheese and for desert a tart tartine.



  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling La Contessa,

    This set of cabbage certainly brings many smiles to peoples faces – it is pure joy.

    I would be delighted to have a luncheon in your honor.

    When are you coming to town?



  7. You have such a great eye -and taste…taste is not something to be underestimated. I can imagine the delight your guests would have in being seated at this charming, and very smartly set table. I grew up with the green version of the Portuguese cabbage majolica, and the yellow version is so chic. Love the pairing with the linens with the geranium pattern. I am reminded of the golden age of smartly set tables of the 1960’s -inventive and fresh and just right -the glassware adds a modern edge -love the Elkins chairs with the Platner table, the setting in a library -the the ceiling treatment is glam and 21st century. I think that when you set a table like this you are giving a gift to your guests, and letting them know that they are special…and that is what it is all about. Loved it all.

  8. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Philip Bewley,

    Thank You!

    I can’t get enough of your exquisite comments.

    You are so spot on!

    Referencing the fab jet set 60’s and yet bringing it up to today by creating a highly considered mix of marvelous and modern.

    Creating these table settings is indeed a gift to myself and my friends.

    When are you coming for dinner?

    Love and Light


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