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Gabriel Everett and James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

Gabriel Everett and James Andrew - photo Gabriel Everett

Our beloved Gabriel Everett is off to the City of Angels, taking a brief hiatus from New York to explore some rather spectacular opportunities awaiting him on the West Coast.

His fabulous efforts will be sorely missed here at WIJW over the next couple of months, but we’re celebrating his success and also inviting all of our friends and fans in L.A. to take advantage of a rare opportunity to work with the brilliant Everett while he is there!

Our photo today is a brilliantly “bromantic” remote portrait by Everett capturing a farewell evening together in New York. I’ve dressed him in an ocean blue wool silk linen melange Tom Ford “Wetherby” suit, white cotton shirt with French cuffs, navy and pale blue polka dot silk pocket square, and Gucci sunglasses. I’m sporting a Tom Ford era Gucci white cotton pique suit, black and white striped cotton shirt, Tom Ford tasseled loafers and Marco sunglasses, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. LEO says:

    Soooo Miami Vice.. Love it.

  2. Dean says:

    Oooh Baby!

    That’s one very hot cool shot!

    I see it in L’uomo VOGUE Italia…


  3. James Andrew says:

    Yes – the Genius of Gabriel Everett- he will be missed for a few months.



  4. La Comtesse Lola says:

    Oh dear God! It’s like looking directly at the sun!

    Love, love, love!

  5. I agree! One might go blind looking at the sun!!

    EEK! I hope he is going with some bodyguards!

    ps you look pretty great yourself, you!!!
    Every bit as good…..you were just understating and letting him be the color!


  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Penelope,

    It is mostly due to Everett’s brilliant skills as a photographer!

    He is rather handsome and I am proud of my sense of style, so all of these elements coming together to create a marvelous image.



  7. jon k says:


  8. Matt says:

    Amazing shot!
    2 very dapper gents ready to conquer Studio 54.
    Those were the days….

  9. James Andrew says:

    Thanks Matt!

    I sure am going to miss Gabriel’s lense on me.

    We both share a love of the 70’s over the top decadent glamor and elegance!



  10. Brad says:

    Hope that your selection of travel outfits went well.


  11. James Andrew says:

    Dear Brad,

    My outfits for Italy are coming together rather well!

    A wonderful mix of every shade of blue!

    With the most spectacular backdrops , our WIJW? in Italy posts should be EPIC!



  12. arandel says:

    super super super chic:-)

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