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French Accents Rugs and Tapestries

James Andrew at Home - Flemish Tapestry from French Accents

James Andrew at home - Flemish tapestry from French Accents

A personal interior makeover was a bit of an imperative this past week, as I was being photographed in my flat for an upcoming story. As you may know by now, I often seek inspiration from legendary style icons and taste makers, looking to their bold ideas to help in creating fine interiors for my clients as well as for myself. Marie Helen de Rothschild’s wonderfully decadent use of Flemish tapestry for carpeting and upholstery was always a look I found rather intriguing. Carlos de Beistegui used Flemish tapestry as well (in his case, as wall upholstery)—mixed with white painted French furniture and blue and white porcelain, the effect is more than marvelous! These possibilities have been on my mind for some time, and provided the perfect (and opportune) solution for me, especially where my aging and fairly dreary sisal rug was concerned. With the shoot pending, I hurried over to my favorite go-to resource for rugs and tapestries in the city: French Accents Rugs and Tapestries. Needless to say, they have truly superb reproductions, and my selection there provided the quick pop I’d been envisioning for my place. I have to say I’m quite thrilled with the results!

Marie Helen de Rothschild interior (left). Louis XIII Gallerie at Chateau de Groussay (right)

Marie Helen de Rothschild interior (left). Louis XIII Gallerie at Chateau de Groussay (right)

We thought to present you with a bit of a tease here, and of course we’ll be bringing you more photos from the aforementioned upcoming story on yours truly! We look forward to sharing more from French Accents as well—and trust you’ll look to them when elevating your own space.

At top right—my Tom Ford clad feet set against one of French Accents’ gorgeous Flemish tapestries.


  1. wendy woo says:


  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Wendy,

    As an interior designer I love bringing my own unique and inspired perspective to the interiors I create for myself and my clients.

    French Accents has some rather ravishing rugs to choose from.



  3. James, I truly look forward to the picture series! I would have never thought of using tapestry as a rug but it works superbly on your floors…

  4. Is this real Zebra hide btw?

  5. James Andrew says:

    Hi there Sven,

    Yes the tapestry as floor covering is like having a painting on the floor.

    The zebra hide is real and quite old, apparantly from a place where the Zebra meat is also eaten and not just used for the hide.

    Cheers and Thank You!


  6. Dean says:

    Dear James!

    Exciting! I love that you are tired of the sisal! It has perhaps seen better days! This new Rothschild look could be just the thing to transport you into the ultra chic mood you are always, like me, aspiring to.


  7. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean,

    Thank You!

    I am feeling a bit Baron Philppe de Rothschild these days- stay tuned!



  8. […] floor is made of vintage looking, square wood panels while the living room floor is adorned with French accent rugs and tapestries. The living room walls are light blue with white trimmings, two white busts on pedestals and white […]

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