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First Glance

James Andrew in Paris

A little stroll along the Seine brought us to the fabulous neo-classical Palais de Chaillot which was constructed for the World’s Fair of 1937. From the terrace of the Palais de Chaillot there is a striking view over the Trocadero gardens and fountains and out to the the Seine and the Eifel Tower.

Palais de Chaillot.

The Palais de Chaillot also houses the Musee de la Marine which was a must see destination for Mr. Scott McBee who kindly acted as my Paris photographer and traveling companion. As you know McBee is an accomplished Marine painter and we’re already making inroads to a potential special exhibition at the Musee de la Marine of McBee’s French Ocean Liners – who knows, we may be back to Paris sooner than expected!


  1. Juan Moliné says:

    Me encanta James….. ideal!!! Y París es una de las ciudades que más me gusta.

    Un besote. ♥


  2. Bruno says:

    The view is amazing!

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying Paris! I can’t wait for the post from Charvet– pocket squares galore!

  4. James Andrew says:

    Hola Juan,

    Paris me encanta



  5. James Andrew says:


    It was so lovely to meet you in Paris!

    I look forward to meeting more of my fans around the world



  6. Nick Zantop says:

    looks fabulous James!

  7. James Andrew says:

    Thanks Nick- Stay tuned!!!

  8. Your kind of surrounding!

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