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Fire Island Opera Festival

James Andrew at the celebration for the inaugural season of the Fire Island Opera Festival

James Andrew at the celebration for the inaugural season of the Fire Island Opera Festival – Sky Club Lounge at The Sheffield

One might think that the words “opera” and “Fire Island” would have never appeared in the same sentence together…fortunately for us, my multi-talented friend and visionary Edwin Cahill doesn’t see things this way. In fact, he’s forged from this unlikely pairing one of the most anticipated events of the summer, namely the Fire Island Opera Festival scheduled for the the weekend of August 24th 2013.

With a mix of one-act American operas and revivals of forgotten works from the 17th and 18th centuries, the FIOF will unite top artists from opera, theatre, classical music, fashion, and the visual arts. The place: a Pines mansion and its grounds, transformed into a beach opera house by Marfa-based installation artist, Charles Mary Kubricht. The result: an intimate exchange between art and nature, and a singular theatrical and musical experience!

The 2013 Season will feature two fabulous Operas:

Bon Appétit is a comic, culinary, extravaganza by Lee Hoiby that taps the wit and antics of Julia Child, one of America’s best-loved television personalities. In this episode, live from the Fire Island Beach Opera House kitchen, Julia Child will sing us through the recipe for her famous chocolate cake with a hilarious flour flying and frantic egg beating demonstration. You will then taste the glorious results of her famous recipe at intermission.”

L’Arbre Enchanté (The Magic Tree) is a sexy, comic opera by Gluck last performed in a 1775 for Marie-Antoinette at Versailles. In what will mark its ‘New World’ Premiere, the original melodies and French lyrics will come alive within a contemporary script adaptation in English which tells the story of two men fighting for the love of a beautiful young man. Will the dashing, rich business man with a beach mansion win or will it be the hot, penniless, pool boy? Only under the spell of a magic tree does the story reach its exciting climax!”

I just can’t wait to enjoy a louche weekend on Fire Island, and an enchanted evening of opera!

Now, what will I wear?

From the Sky Club Lounge at The Sheffield

From the Sky Club Lounge at The Sheffield

I had the great pleasure to attend a spectacular soirée celebrating the inaugural season of the Fire Island Opera Festival just now. We raised glasses of rosé champagne and were treated to several sensational performances, as well as the unveiling of the tent-sculpture designs by Kubricht, and the delights continued with the most delectable handmade truffles from the Coda Chocolate Company. Coda Chocolate is inspired by the musical term signifying the end of a musical composition—the culmination of everything that has come before it while remaining truly distinct in composition. Coda Chocolate even created a special chocolate to celebrate the Fire Island Opera Festival: a cayenne pepper truffle!

Pictured above, I’m captured high above New York City, and dressed to celebrate the Fire Island Opera Festival in a Tom Ford tangerine silk herringbone suit, white cotton shirt with French cuffs and saddle leather loafers, black pearl cuff links and a grey, orange, and hot pink “Madison Square” pocket square by Pochette Square, vintage Rolex, Gucci sunglasses and my fragrance is Creed Millesime Imperial.


  1. Jeff says:

    Nice suit James! This is a new one, right?

  2. Danny says:

    Odd colour, but that’s what makes it so very chic!! And a perfect occasion to wear it…. Though a tad more difficult if one had to win over the boardroom at Shborgan Manly Bank!

  3. James Andrew says:

    Dear Danny,

    Yes the color is quite odd – but why I was drawn to this spectacular suit.

    Can you imagine me on Wall Street ?



  4. Danny says:

    Like Alexis’ descent on Denver Carrington… Though I see no sign of clip on earrings!

  5. James Andrew says:

    Thank You Jeff,

    It is indeed new!

    I have been getting such rave reviews – I will have to sport it more often.



  6. Dean Farris says:

    You look SO handsome! The louche weekend sounds like too much fun! xx

  7. Matt says:

    Peach Perfection – loving the new suit Mr Andrew.
    Great choice, those odd Tom Ford colours suit you well.

    Colours makes me happy, keep on wearing them – Hugs – Matt

  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt,

    You are so marvelous!

    This suit is indeed “peach perfection” , the silk actually adds a bit of a sheen and the color can fade or intensify depending on the light.

    I am mad about colour as well, especially the odd ones, I am looking forward to some magnificent mixes of grays with pinks and mauves or with mint greens.



  9. Dean Farris says:


  10. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dean


    Real men wear whatever they want!



  11. Charles Allen says:

    James, Daily I wonder “what is James wearing?” today. You never disappoint. Always on the edge…the leading edge…the cutting edge.
    Thanks, my friend, from maybe one of your oldest “fans”… yep, 72 years old!

    Keep us “educated” and inspired!

    CFA in Florida

  12. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Charles,

    I am thrilled to hear that!

    It is great fun sharing my musings on style and taste!

    Wonderful that I am able to attract such a diverse audience.

    I look forward to your continued feed back and support.



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