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I do love seeing how people live at home, especially if they are as super-stylish and sophisticated as our friend, legendary interior designer and entrepreneur Howard Slatkin. And so it was with great pleasure that Scott McBee and I had a luncheon chez Slatkin today!

James Andrew in Howard Slatkin's home.

James Andrew in Howard Slatkin’s home.

Staged interiors artfully depicted in books tend to make them look better than they ever could in person, but I can tell you that Slatkin’s interiors met and thoroughly surpassed our wildest of expectations. We commenced our visit in his ravishing living room with iced teas. Of course the conversations moved quickly to design and decoration, and we continued on with an extensive tour of his place—I was full of questions as I took in as much of his incredible interior as I could. I have to say, it is so good to know that artisans still exist that can create the kinds of details that Slatkin designed for this, his ultimate dream apartment!

Howard Slatkin's living room.

Howard Slatkin’s living room.

Over lunch, we discussed the state of interior design and how it seems that things have become so homogenized and dare I say, boring. Slatkin to the rescue! Thankfully now we have Slatkin’s tremendous new tome, Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer’s New York Apartment—a tour of his magnificent Fifth Avenue apartment richly photographed by Tria Giovan. I am convinced it will go far to inspire designers and their clients alike with the amazing possibilities that exist. Fifth Avenue Style is a biography of a dream home—here, Slatkin presents his most realized design aesthetic, unleashing his dreamiest of fantasies—and all is executed with the bravado and assuredness of a true master.

Slatkin's gallery.

Slatkin’s gallery.

Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer’s New York Apartment is a fascinating read—I devoured the book in one sitting! In it, Slatkin shares every step in creating his apartment. He’s devoted a chapter to each room, generously explaining in great detail his process and inspiration (I note that we share so many of the same design favorites—from Renzo Mongiardino to Pauline de Rothschild). Each chapter includes the most beautiful and highly considered inspiration-board. No detail is left out, and there are a great host of informative musings on the inner workings…including the “back areas” (which are so important!)—Slatkin refers to these as the “soul” of the house.

Slatkin's "screening room" inspiration board

Slatkin’s “screening room” inspiration board

 Slatkin's mother placed her purse on a settee and it looked so perfect there that she emptied the contents and left it there for him to enjoy!

Slatkin’s mother placed her purse on a settee and it looked so perfect there that she emptied the contents and left it there for Slatkin (and us) to enjoy!

Do pick up your copy on Amazon here—certainly this is a must for the Holidays: Fifth Avenue Style: A Designer’s New York Apartment

I’m photographed in Slatkin’s “screening room,” with its warm and rich palette. I’m sporting a Gucci cotton cashmere cognac colored corduroy suit and brown suede slip on loafers, a Ralph Lauren wool challis tartan tie, Tom Ford dark green micro check cotton shirt with French cuffs, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Gucci python belt with silver double horse head buckle , vintage Lodenfrey loden cape. My fragrance is Creed Bois du Portugal.

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  1. Howard Slatkin says:

    Thank you so much James for your beautiful editorial and for your kindness and generosity! What a great honor to be on your blog, one of my favorites and one I never miss. Wish I looked as great in the screening room as you do! All best, Howard

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Howard,

    It was our great pleasure!

    Thank You for sharing your magnificent home with us!

    Let’s plan a follow up story on your: candy, candles and carpets!

    Cheers and Thank Thank You!


  3. James,

    I really enjoyed this exquisite glimpse into the World of Slatkin! What a fabulous new book, one I’m sure Santa will bring this year, and kudos to you for featuring such talent on WIJW, also a must read for me on a daily basis. Happy Holidays!



    I have been a fan of Howard Slatkin since his store was in that divine little “house” on the upper east side that had his beautiful things…..(including candles; but many other divine things!) I bought a lot!

    When Howard moved on; it became the store of another friend I have long admired…and known…for 30 years…..Mish!! Mish inhabited this divine little cottage…..somehow preserved in the middle of Manhattan!

    I pre-ordered this book……months ago. I almost fainted when it came!

    Honestly…..you read it at one sitting! YOU ARE KIDDING!!!

    I forgot; you don’t have all these animals……… (I would have to lock myself in a closet for a week!) (dogs, cats, chickens, ducks would starve!!)

    I have been reading a chapter a day! What a lovely man Howard is! He shares so readily all that he did…..and why! It is such generous sharing of knowledge, sources,…and especially the importance of “comfortable living”!!
    I knew I would love him…..even before the book! The second I walked into that lovely store! I just KNEW!!

    James…..thank you , yet again! WHAT A TERRIFIC STORY!

    And his house does look like a combination of all my favorite decorators!


    ps have I told you the story of when we arrived at the Carlyle to stay; and we walked into the new little “ante-room” on the way to the dining room….all red and Persian…and stenciled?

    It is a story you will like…….but please stop me if you have heard it! I am sure you know the room…..and probably the hotel’s story of the room!

    This is just “my story” of that room…. I think I told you!?


    Your friend Wendy is the most wonderful person…..ever……thank you!


    Your friend Wendy is divine beyond……..she reminds me of the spirit that my mother had! (there is no bigger compliment I can give!!!)

    Thank you!!!

  5. It was about 25 years ago……my stepping into that “new room” at the Carlyle……

    Just so you know!


    I adore your blog!!!

  6. James Andrew says:

    My Darling Penelope,

    I adore you and your gorgeous comments and feedback!

    No you never told me your Carlyle story.

    Howard is so delicious- I just adore him- his book is a celebration of big dreams and fantasies- how inspiring!

    Please let us know when you are coming to NYC- can’t wait to see you!



  7. La Contessa says:

    I have to say the first thing that popped into my head was this reminds me of Penelope’s house!The decor carries the eye………..what did the editor at Vogue say Madame Diana Vreeland??”THE EYE MUST TRAVEL!”Well, my eyes are a traveling!!!!Beautiful photos of beautiful rooms!
    James you belong there!Lucky you to have met and dined with this ARTISAN!I WILL BUY HIS BOOK!!!!

  8. James Andrew says:

    Darling La Contessa,

    There certainly is so much to feast ones eyes on at Chez Slatkin- an incredible aesthete with the most exquisite taste he as curated a rather magnificent collection.

    I know you will savour this tremendous tome!



  9. Charles Allen says:

    Yes, always inspiring!

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