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James Andrew - Cape Cod

James Andrew – Cape Cod

Sadly, our Cape holiday’s end seemed to come all too quickly, but spending five delightful days with fabulous friends, sunshine, and incredible food, was just what was needed before heading back to mid-summer in the city.

For the most part, we had delicious home-cooked dinners with copious amounts of sensational summer sea food, all grilled to perfection, and paired with well-selected wines. However as you may know, I do love to sample local restaurants to get a full picture of a place, so eating out was part of our holiday agenda as well.

Our super chic friends suggested the most perfect place for our farewell dinner, the Rye Tavern (originally named the Wright Tavern). A “slice of Colonial America,” Chef Andrew Swain’s menu is a terrific take on “farm to table” cuisine, with only the freshest ingredients and some truly unique combinations of flavors. Totally sensational. We enjoyed pre-dinner martinis in the garden while waiting to dine al fresco on the tavern’s patio — all the more to enjoy every last bit of our vacation outside in such lovely surrounds.

Dressed for dinner, I’m sporting a Tom Ford red cotton jacket, pink and white glen plaid cotton shirt with French cuffs, vintage moon stone cuff links, Charvet pink and white retro print silk pocket square, Uniqlo white jeans, KJP Briggs Capeside Docks woven white cotton belt, white woven leather flip flops from Schettino de Capri, vintage Rolex and my fragrance is Lorenzo Villoressi, Iporbarea.

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  1. La Contessa says:

    The jacket, the shirt, the white pant………..all DIVINE.I adore colors and it seems you do too!Glad you had a wonderful get away from the city life…..its good for all of us to escape once in awhile.I just got back from visiting Penelope in MONTECITO and that was a good tonic for me!XXX

  2. James Andrew says:

    My Dear La Contessa,

    Thank You for all your wonderful words and praise!

    How marvelous to spend time in Montecito and even better to spend it with Penelope.

    I find that a change of scenery always does the soul good!

    Much Love


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