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Fall Must Have – Alexander McQueen

Our Fall Must Have.

Our Fall Must Have from Alexander McQueen.

When I saw this outrageous Alexander McQueen navy cashmere cable knit cardigan caplet with leather buckle closures I became instantly obsessed. It is in many ways a very classic piece, but the addition of the caplet that pulls up with arm holes and wraps around one’s shoulders like a cape/shawl just adds a fantastic edge. What a brilliant alternative to a jacket on a crisp jaunt through Central Park or Fall romp down Madison Avenue.


  1. tartanscot says:

    love. love. love. a lot.

  2. So, why aren’t you wearing it?? đŸ˜‰

  3. Dean says:

    James, I suppose I could get into it, if we could add some leather trousers, with boots, and a sable lined topcoat layered over it, with a matching knitted skullcap, and Rupert and Nigel on an Hermes’ leash…while your Mercedes 600 follows you up Madison. I would also add a walking stick in cerused ebony, with silver handle, so you can hit homeless people and paparazzi over the head when it becomes a necessary evil. LOL, OMG, LOL !

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