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Eco Chic

Tucker Robbins has managed to create the perfect combination of being “Green” and Chic. Working with various tribal craftsmen from around the globe and using traditional methods of manufacture, all of the contemporary furnishings he creates are made from reclaimed or recycled materials. My dear friend and mentor Albert Hadley recognized Robbins’ talent early on and it was at Hadley’s urging that Robbins originally moved from Connecticut to set up shop in Manhattan. Needless to say, Hadley has used Robbins’ work in many of his interior projects and has done a great deal to promote it to the NYC decorating community. I’m passionate as well about Robbins’ beautiful eco-conscious pieces and use them whenever I have the right project.

Here at Tucker Robbins’ Manhattan showroom seated on the “Albert” bench I am wearing a white leather jacket with black saddle trim by Gucci, (my apologies if anyone has tired of seeing me wear this piece but the window of opportunity to wear it is so small I have to enjoy it as often as I can), plum feather weight cashmere turtle neck sweater also by Gucci, black skinny jeans by Diesel, Louis Vuitton document folder and Gucci “playboy” loafers in black python.

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