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Luxe / Minimal

I recently created a luxe/minimal NYC apartment for a young super-chic client of mine. A paired down aesthetic, realized in rich and unusual materials, produces an unencumbered city refuge that is both comfortable and elegant. The walls are finished in a waxed plaster, with pearl, gold, and bronze dust. The windows are dressed with silk string curtains. The sitting area is defined by a silk and wool carpet, flanked by a pair of smoky gray lamb’s hide Marco Zanuso chairs from the Pascal Boyer gallery, and a sofa I designed and had upholstered in a wool silk velvet. The focal point of the room is a coffee table produced from designs by the celebrated decorator to millionaires, Paul Dupré-Lafon (French, 1900-1971). I had this table created in bronze with a shagreen and oak top by one of my finest artisan workrooms.

Seated on the Lafon table I am wearing a smoky pale blue suede biker jacket by Gucci, a white and blue micro stripe cotton shirt by Gucci, Seamen Schepps silver pearl and pale blue Sapphire cuff links, brown silk satin tie by Charvet, brown tweed motorcycle pants by Gucci, python belt and brown leather “Chelsea” boots, both by Gucci.


  1. V says:

    The space looks great. Love the windows. “… pear, gold and bronze dust”, yummy.

  2. Oh I do love that you are wearing cufflinks. A fashion statement that has sadly almost vanished and needs to return.

  3. […] physical context upon which to find or manufacture the definitive crowing elements. For the Lux / Minimal project that I shared with you earlier, I recently found the perfect piece at Hudson Furniture. – […]

  4. marie says:

    you are such a brand whore. Love that table.

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