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Nature’s Cathedral

James Andrew at the Conservatory Garden.

A walk through an alley of beautiful trees is one of those ageless and enduring pleasures that we here at WIJW simply can’t refuse. I’m pictured above taking just such a stroll through one of two glorious alleys flanking the central Italian section of my aforementioned “secret garden” – ie. the Conservatory Garden.

These fragrant cathedrals to nature are a sure cure to any city slump, and during this time of year in particular it’s quite impossible not to be inspired and awed by the Spring crab tree bloom.

Sadly a peak display like this is all too easily missed, as it lasts for just a few days – so please turn off your cell phone, excuse yourself from those pressures and obligations, and simply take yourself to the Conservatory Garden THIS WEEK – don’t worry, the world will continue to spin without you! Side-effects may include: uplifted spirit, increased sense of well being, and a sudden urge to smile.

Blissing out in a perfect moment, I’m wearing an olive suede safari jacket, royal blue cotton pants, python belt with silver buckle, khaki safari shirt, brown leather “Chelsea” boots and a brown leather and suede satchel all by Gucci. KVA sunglasses by Oliver Peoples and my fragrance is Creed Bois de Cedrat. (The color combination of my look today was inspired by Reed Krakoff’s Fall 2010 Collection – I was crazy about his pairing of cobalt and loden).


  1. Christian Fuchs says:

    The Conservatory Garden looks beautiful, sadly we don´t have places like this in Lima, I love to take a walk when I travel, I look for green spots in every city I visit! Lovely post.



  2. Dagmar von Schwarzenberg says:

    Was für wunderschöne Farben, Ich mag wenn alles blüht, Ich geh oft spazieren, es beruhigt mich wenn ich im Stress bin…….

  3. Monaco Girl says:

    a nice walk is a very important part of elevated living…….

  4. Aurelia Camargo says:

    You look always so happy and relaxed, you´ve got a deep connection with nature…

  5. Dean says:

    Dearest James,

    I’m so happy to see you looking so ELEVATED ! What a fantastic photograph ! I LOVE the cut of your GUCCI trousers ! The Conservatory Garden is SO BEAUTIFUL !!! You look great, and I think this is very much part of the concept of elevated living as well. I especially like that you said to turn off the phone… our lives are being eroded by an invasion of technology, and we do become addicted to it ! Thanks for another inspiring moment on WIJW ! DF

  6. Christiane von Könemann says:

    Lieber James,

    Das ist ein sehr schönes Foto von Dir, Du siehst sehr entspannt aus…….wenn man in der Natur ist fühlt man sich immer besser!

    Liebe Grüsse


  7. Lola Montes says:

    James! Qué lindos jeans traes puestos! me encanta el corte, todo es perfecto, tú, la locación, me encanta cómo se ve todo!



  8. Tom Cavendish says:

    Lovely place, I love to walk in the forest, I live in a small town near a forest as you may know, and everyday take a walk around 5 pm, it´s important to be in connection with the spirits of nature.



  9. Jane Ellenborough says:

    nice leaf green jacket, you look really handsome!

  10. Scott Tjaden says:

    That outfit is more of what I wear normally. Looks great.

  11. I enjoy your essence in moments of life and the seconds one could take for granted,just to stop and smell the freshness of nature.One really has to get it,other wise it is missed.I get you. The clean shave makes you look more younger and suave.I like the safari green jacket with the royal blue pants that I find as an electric.

  12. Renata Gross says:

    Dear James,

    Thanks for the sharing your serene and “pink” walk with us! Very important to take nice walks once in while, right?! This past weekend i took a nice walk with nice friends at the Botanical Garden of NY. It was really nice too!



  13. Maria La Torre says:

    Te ves muy lindo James, una caminata en medio de la naturaleza siempre es gratificante!



  14. Mara Helmrich von Elgott says:

    Lieber James,

    Ich reise in den nächsten Wochen nach NY, es würde mich sehr freuen wenn wir uns sehen könnten!

    Schönes Foto!


  15. Bruno says:

    What a great place to have a walk! I love Spring! Colored ourfits as yours make it sound much more pleasant!

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