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Dressing Up

I have been feeling that now is a good time to put a bit more effort into things like dressing up, preparing dinners, and parties – especially with the general emotional down trend and lack of optimism in this country today. The physical definitely has an affect on our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual psyche. When one makes some effort to improve one’s environment and appearance it can really make a positive mental and physical change. Just feeling like a billionaire, for instance, puts us a few steps closer to aligning our vibrations (or “intent”) with all we want. “Dressing for success” really means being the person we want to be now. So instead of saying if only this or that would happen, then we would be happy, let’s get happy NOW and celebrate ourselves and get dressed up and be fabulous!

Here I am at the home of a dear friend and client seated in her elegant drawing room, which I decorated over fifteen years ago, and if I do say so, looks as crisp and chic as the day we created it! Feeling like a billionaire, I wearing a red velvet with satin trim dinner jacket , gray cashmere turtleneck, black wool flannel pant and black patent leather shoes all by Gucci gray silk pocket square by Turnbull and Asser.


  1. I so agree that now is the time to put our best foot forward! Nothing spurs success like the appearance of it! If you already have the nice clothes, china, silver, etc. – USE IT!

  2. Simon says:

    I daresay this stunning photo transports one into a Luchino Visconti film…fabulous, classic, timeless…and fraught with layers of sophistication, Darjeeling.

  3. Wendy says:

    Wonderful advice, James. Thanks!

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