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Dorothy Chitty

Chatting with Dorothy Chitty.

I had the great pleasure of getting together with my dear friend, spiritual advisor, and acclaimed sensitive, Dorothy Chitty this past week. Having first been introduced to her several years ago, Chitty has been a constant source of comfort and guidance for me, always there to help me sift through and understand challenging times in my life, and put me in touch with my own power and greatness.

I was first introduce to her by a mutual friend in London—Chitty was coming to NYC for a visit and our friend thought that perhaps I could introduce her to my circle of friends here. I was understandably hesitant to refer her to anyone without having experienced a reading myself, and so a telephone reading was arranged.

I was blown away.

We had never met, and she previously had known absolutely nothing about me—and yet she knew everything.

She started off by telling me that I have the most beautiful green eyes, she then went on to tell me that some health issues I was having were caused by stress—I’d been ailing, but had been told recently by all the best doctors that there was nothing physically wrong with me. She then went on to tell me all about my childhood, how it has affected me as an adult and then prescribed my best approach to healing. One hour with her was equivalent to a year’s worth of psycho-therapy—It’s no wonder that she has a global client list of Royals, rock and rollers, film stars, and major business tycoons.

Dorothy will be available for readings here in New York City this week. I would highly suggest one. Ring her assistant Nicky at 9177710075 to sort out a time. Alternatively you can book an appointment over the phone any time and contact her via her website dorothychitty.com.

Pictured above, I’m chatting with Chitty before my reading. Many revelations ensued—It seems its time for a What Is James Wearing book, and more television appearances are in the cards—she said that all the cogs are in place now to propel the machinery of super success. I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

I’m sporting a chartreuse and blue fair isle cardigan by Michael Bastian, a teal silk Russian floral print shirt, window pane plaid wool pant and a chartreuse python belt with silver double horse head buckle all by Gucci, cobalt suede boots by Pierre Hardy and my fragrance is Creed Erolfa.


  1. Dean says:


    AMAZING! Psychics are often very accurate in their readings. If I hadn’t listened to one many years ago, I would have been engulfed in a raging volcanic lava flow! I stayed in Arizona, per her advice! Great post!


  2. James Andrew says:


    Dorothy is truly amazing!

    So many of my friends have been helped by her on so many different levels.



  3. Superbe Histoire says:

    je crois aux Anges depuis toute Petites
    j Essaie de Communiquer avec Eux et je Pense y Arriver car j ai Toujours des Retours ,,
    Il faut y Croire car ILS Sont avec Nous
    Bravo a DOROTHY

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