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Don Oehl

James Andrew in a portrait by Don Oehl

Recently, while at the super chic Clic Gallery, I saw a beautiful portrait by the artist Don Oehl. His playful, slightly over-the-top, aesthetic really appealed to me—so much so, in fact, that I commissioned Oehl to create the fantastic portrait of yours truly (above).

Illustration by Don Oehl

Oehl pursued dance initially—and we think we can see that in his gestural line—before becoming more intensely focused on the visual arts. His interest led him to enroll and be accepted at the prestiges Ecole de Louvre in Paris.

Illustration by Don Oehl

A “…wanderlust and desire for creative energy,” as Oehl puts it, eventually drew him to New York city with its brilliant mix of “haute couture, downtown Street fashion, and graffiti….” He admits that he did not take his drawing very seriously at first, believing that he would never really be able to make a living doing it, but he continued drawing for the sheer pleasure of it—and we’re all quite happy he did! Oehl now has a rather impressive client list, and his work continues to grace the pages of many fine magazines.

Illustration by Don Oehl

“Whatever you do, you do it because you love it. Listen to the inner voice. There’s a need to survive, but stay true and do only what you love and feels right!” Some very sage advice from this brilliant man who unabashedly describes himself as an artist that needs to express his inner fashion victim.

And of course we here at WIJW are all for that—cheers to you, Mr. Oehl!


  1. larsstephan says:

    Fantastic James, illustration by Don Oehl based on photograph by me of you. I like it.

  2. Gayle Maccia says:

    Really fantastic Artist and Hand. His style is cartoonish with a graphic modern art appeal that is just irresistible…and the image of you is so right on and debonaire.

  3. James Andrew says:

    Darling Lars,

    I can’t wait to have you back in NYC and collaborate on some legendary images.



  4. Marty Mitchell says:

    Superb! Would love to have one of myself, actually 🙂

  5. Alex says:

    What a fantastic adaptation of your portrait!!Don did an amazizing job of capturing you in this modern illustration!!!

  6. Dean says:

    Would love it in a silver leaf baroque style frame!

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