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Decorating in Palm Beach

James Andrew - Palm Beach Polo Club

James Andrew – Palm Beach Polo Club

Being at the pinnacle of the so called “Golden Triangle,” New York City makes for the perfect launching point to Palm Beach and the Hamptons, and so naturally many of my best clients live in these luxurious locales.

Certainly the Palm Beaches are a welcome change from city life and I love the chance to work in a variety of styles. Over the many years I’ve decorating in Florida, I’ve also managed to amass quite a wonderful selection of workrooms and resources. Furthermore, many of my friends have homes nearby, which makes it quite easy for me to jet down and get to work…and to enjoy some quality social time as well!

The Palm Beach Polo Club, for instance, is home to some rather fabulous friends as I’ve mentioned. And I’m thrilled to see how the grounds have been improving! There are new gorgeous homes being built there, and some of the not-so-nice 70s and ’80s ones are getting renovated quite ravishingly. Does it sound like I love working in Palm Beach? Well, it should. Thankfully my clients there value my experience and expertise and insist that I be involved in every aspect of their projects – from construction, to decoration, to garden design – all of this means I have boots (or in my case, Guccis) on the ground at some of the most beautiful properties Florida has to offer.

As in Lyford, the preferred PBPC mode of transport is the golf cart, and I always have an absolute blast tooling around in these nearly silent open-air cars, visiting my clients and job sites.

Off to visit a construction site, I’m photographed dressed like a gay Thurston Howell III – though the cart is an upgrade I think from the Howell’s. I’m wearing a Gucci navy cotton pique jacket, a Simon pale blue linen and cotton shirt with contrast collar and French cuffs, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, flax colored linen and hemp short by – Our Legacy, white cotton rope belt by Orlebar Brown, pink cotton voile polka dot scarf by Tom Ford, white linen pocket square with pale blue crocheted edge by G Inglese Sartoria, Navy suede Gucci loafers, vintage Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino.


  1. harrison says:

    The chic-est of the chic !!!
    Bravo !

  2. Danny says:

    Shipshape and ready for the club…
    “Ahoy, barman! Cocktails, please!!!!”

  3. harrison says:

    p.s. Thurston Howell was straight ???

  4. James Andrew says:

    Oh Danny,

    You are so wonderful!

    Thank You!



  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Harrison,

    You are quite right- I suspect- a gay Thurston Howell 111 is a bit of an oxy-moron.



  6. Charles A says:

    Hi J.A.! A respite in sunny Florida!! Palm Beach is the top of our list here in the Sunshine State. Enjoy your stay and “knock ’em dead” with your style and flair! You inspire and inform so many of us! Thank you!

    CFA in Daytona Beach

  7. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Charles A,

    I adore Palm Beach- I often fantasize about having a home like – Maurice Fatio’s – Villa Today.

    So happy to hear you find my musings inspiring!

    Light and Blessings


  8. Dean Farris says:

    Nice look for you James, that is a very classy golf cart. I love you in a simple preppy look such as this, showing off your manly, muscular legs! Uh, I was wondering, have you heard from Britt (Smith) lately? I would love to hear back from you dear James- always a pleasure.


  9. James Andrew says:

    Hi there DF,

    Yes I speak with Britt quite often!

    Thank You for your kind words- my look as you know is steeped in classicism- but of course with a bit of a twist.

    I adore golf carts!



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