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Days of Luxury at La Mamounia

James Andrew, the garden pavilion at La Mamounia - photo by Gabriel Everett

James Andrew, garden pavilion, La Mamounia - photo Gabriel Everett

With temperatures reaching almost 100°F during the day in Marrakech we attempted to get out and about in the morning hours, before the unbearable mid-day sun.

To inspire us for our WIJW pictorial, one of our morning’s destinations was La Maison de la Photographie, and true to expectations, the vast collection of vintage regional photographs there provided us with a wonderfully stimulating glimpse into the magical and mysterious world of yesteryear.

La Maison de la Photographie

La Maison de la Photographie

I’d also suggest a visit to the Madrassa Ben Youssef, a religious school originally built in the 14th century and reconstructed in the 16th century. The rather plain wooden outside entry serves to heighten the visual impact of a spectacular main courtyard—it’s a truly exquisite site that has had a huge and lasting impact on Moroccan architecture throughout the centuries.

Madrass Ben Youssef

Madrass Ben Youssef

Back at the magnificent La Mamounia to recoup, one should certainly have a traditional Moroccan mint tea. Ice cream is also served at their garden pavilion which is the perfect way to cool off after lunch.

Garden Pavillion at La Mamounia

Garden Pavillion at La Mamounia

Later, a lounge at Mamounia’s stunning pool is in order—a perfectly sublime way to relax and rest up for a delicious dinner adventure.

Mamounia pool pavillion

Mamounia pool pavillion

For dinner one should go to Le Tobsil:
22, derb Moulay Abdallah ben Hezzaien – Ksour, Marrakech – Medina.

Le Tobsil

Le Tobsil

This Moroccan dream is a quick taxi ride from La Mamounia to the Medina. A guide awaits there upon arrival to navigate the impossible maze of tiny streets. As with many Moroccan destinations, Le Tobsil’s unmarked door belies the the most glorious courtyard within. It is an understatement to say that the atmosphere here is rich! Plush Moroccan carpets abound, the dining tables are decorated with scattered rose petals, and the strains of hypnotic live Berber music accompany one’s journey through the most fragrant and delicious multi course Sultan’s feast. The owners Christine and Jean go out of their way to make guests feel welcome as true friends. Needles to say, this restaurant is a must for your visit to Marrakech.

I’m pictured (top) At the La Mamounia garden pavilion, looking forward to an mint tea after a morning of exploration. I’m dressed in a mauve cotton safari jacket by Gucci, a Michael Kors cotton knit top with crocheted button placket, white cotton slim cargo pants by Uniqlo, Gucci flip flops, Tom Ford “Cyrille” sunglasses, vintage Rolex and my fragrance is Creed Orange Spice.


  1. Dash says:

    “The Impossible maze of tiny streets” I laughed when I read this, we went a few years ago when The Mamounia was closed for refurbishment, I opted for the most beautiful riad I could find within the Medina and lovely though it was we only managed to find our way back to it once without calling the manager to come and rescue us. And I thought I had a good sense of direction.

    Thank you for your recommendations…next time.

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Dash,

    We were lost several times ,trying to navigate these streets and alleys.

    Thankfully most restaurants like Le Tobsil have a guide waiting for you when you exit your taxi.

    Thanks for your support and feedback!



  3. This Moroccan series is hypnotic and dream-like, with garden pavilions, the morning light like your mauve safari jacket, and I can imagine getting lost in the Medina with the fragrance of orange spice.

  4. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Philip,

    You have summed up exactly what I was trying to portray with these posts!

    The exotic,mysterious and enchanting qualities that are interpreted via a stay at La Mamounia.

    Light and Blessings


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