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On Cufflinks

A well selected pair of cufflinks can really help to create that perfectly finished look. I treat myself to a fine pair every time I land a big project! If you have been reading my blog, then you will know that my favorite place to find rich and interesting cufflinks is Seaman Schepps. Their elegant designs and unusual mix of materials such as semi-precious stones, wood, and shell keep me coming back for more.

To start, if you are interested in forming a cufflink collection, you should have a nice quiver of French cuffed shirts. For cufflinks, your first acquisitions should be some basics – maybe charcoal or silver pearls (these go with everything), and then one can branch out into other unique color and material combinations to compliment the colors you like to wear and the look that you are going for.

From Seaman Schepps

From Seaman Schepps

In the close-up detail above of my previous May post, “Bee Line Home,” I’m wearing a pair of Seamans Schepps cufflinks in white shell with multi-coloured coral beads and white gold. These are perfect for Spring/Summer looks and are nicely neutral. They present beautifully with a Tom Ford shirt in black and white striped cotton and my amazing Gucci white and black perforated leather Jacket with saddle leather trim.

From Seaman Schepps

From Seaman Schepps

In a detail from my May “Patience and Fortitude” entry, I’m wearing a pair of Seaman Schepps cufflinks in precious turquoise and white gold – a versatile choice for Spring/Summer. Depending on what I’m wearing, they can also work with Fall/Winter looks. I think aubergine and turquoise are a divine color combination as well so this would be a possibility for these cufflinks, and this summer I’ll be sporting lot of turquoise with purple, lavender, and blues – all good opportunities to wear these lovey cufflinks. Here I’m wearing a very handsome pale blue Glenn plaid cotton shirt by Tom Ford with the turquoise cufflinks as an accent color, Navy linen pinstripe pants by Gucci and a dusty pale blue suede biker jacket also by Gucci.


  1. Clark says:

    Those are two of my favorites that you wear!

  2. Matt says:

    Well said James !

    One can never have too many cufflinks.
    I am not big on men’s jewellery. But I think that besides a classic watch and a wedding ring (for those who are), the only piece of jewellery a man can wear are his cufflinks.
    Just like wearing a tie and/or a pocket square, cufflinks are one of the few items in a men’s wardrobe were he can really make the difference and show a personal message.

    So I applaud every big project you land James Andrew and hope you continue to share those little treasures with your readers !!!

  3. Dear James,

    We have admired you from afar for some time but can be silent no more: We hearby nominate you for a Splash Award. Thanks for being so fabulous and making us smile.


  4. Thanks for the close-ups! you always say what cufflinks you’re wearing, but I can never really see them in your…um…full body pics. 😉

    I especially like the turquoise ones…

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