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Creed Spice and Wood

James Andrew at Creed - photo by Gabriel Everett

James Andrew at Creed - photo by Gabriel Everett

It’s not uncommon to find this time of year a bit challenging. Thankfully Scott McBee and I have a week long getaway to the rustic chic Tulum, Mexico, coming up. Finding myself in need of a more immediate lift, however, I recently dropped by the Creed Boutique (794 Madison Avenue, tel. 877-273-3344) for a dose of olfactory antidepressant. As one might expect, my friends at Creed are an all-encompassing resource when it comes to matters of the nose, and (being familiar with said late winter malaise), thusly prescribed Creed’s Royal Exclusives, “Spice and Wood,” a bracing fragrance to help carry me through this last little bit of the season. Needless to say, whatever you are drawn to, you can be sure that Creed will find just the thing to elevate the senses and enrich the soul.


Creed Spice and Wood

At the exquisite Creed Boutique, I’m pictured wearing a Tom Ford “Buckingham” jacket in black and ink wool wide twill damier, black, gray and white mini check shirt with French cuffs and charcoal wool tie, Uniglo dark denim slim jeans, Ralph Lauren black alligator belt with silver buckle, YSL camo and paisley print silk pocket square, black pearl cuff links and black suede “Belgian” style loafers by Gucci, Rolex oyster perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Spice and Wood.


  1. jon k says:

    I love SPICE, WOOD and this photo!


  2. James Andrew says:

    Hello jon k,


    Spice and Wood is one of my new favs!



  3. Victor says:

    $500 for cologne? Is it really worth that sort of money?

  4. James Andrew says:

    Hello Victor,

    Creed fragrances are made quite the same way as they were in the 1700’s with the finest of ingredients.

    Unlike many fragrances today which are produced quite commercially.

    When you amortize the cost over several months or years that a bottle of Creed will last- you will find that the pleasure that each misting brings you will be well worth the investment.



  5. houston says:

    You are sooo damn handsome!

  6. Dean Farris says:


    Yesterday, Billy and I went boutiquing downtown, and there were fabulous fragrances for sale EVERYWHERE! So many scents, so little time! I bought some fresh dried lavender from a new shop where Tim is working now called Saint tropez Home, and then when I came into the office today, there was a huge diffuser in the conference room called “Ancient Vines” !!!


  7. James Andrew says:

    Well Hello Houston,

    Thank you for your very kind words!



  8. Nique says:

    IMHO *some* Creed fragrances aren’t worth the money and don’t last unless you keep them in a wine cooler. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of aventus, smw, git, smw, MI, royal oud…etc…I love their scents.
    However…whatever their ingredients are, they seem to not “keep” very well.
    Case in point — got a flacon of Millisime Imperial (brand new from NM in 2008), and 3 years later it smelled awful, like rotten watermellon.
    Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy I went back and bought a brand new 30ML..it smelled great of course, and how I remembered the juice from the flacon smelling for the first 1-2 years.
    It’s not like I didn’t store it properly either…never in sunlight, never above 70 deg F in temperature…same thing happens to GIT and SMW I’ve heard on forums. Maybe the royal exclusives are different? I do not know…but it bothers me that they only come in one size (especially sublime vanile), because honestly if it’s not going to last you more than 2 years what’s the point?
    There’s no way anyone could use 8.4 ounces of perfume in that much time…even if you wore 5 blasts every day from a good atomizer ^_^
    If you’re gonna spend that much on a fragrance, go with one of the tom ford private blends..I’ve had a 250ML tobacco vanille flacon since 2007 (got it right when it came out!) and it still to this day smells exactly like it did when I bought it…only got about 50ml left 🙂

  9. Victor says:

    Hi james,

    I’m not sure creed have been making fragrance since 1700’s? I know they were a fine tailoring house back then but as I understand it the perfume business didn’t start in earnest until mid 20th century . As a friend of mine (quite accurately I might add) once pointed out, ‘where are all the vintage bottles if creed have been making fragrance for over 200 years’

  10. James Andrew says:

    Hello Victor,

    The first fragrance made by Creed was – Royal English Leather – commissioned by King George III in 1781.

    They have continued making fragrances ever since.

    I would suggest you contact Creed with any other questions, I am great fan, but certainly not a historian of all things Creed.



  11. James Andrew says:

    Hi Nique,

    Sorry you have not had as wonderful a time as I have with Creed fragrances.

    I adore many of the Tom Ford fragrances as well- Velvet Gardenia- my favorite- sadly discontinued.



  12. Victor says:


    Thanks for info.


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