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Creed Original Santal

I’ve found myself traveling quite a bit to warmer climes these days, so it’s a bit of a shock now that fall, and soon winter (gasp), is upon us here in NYC! I’m definitely feeling the pressure to get into a more suitable seasonal mode! First on my list is a warm, calming scent, and Creed Original Santal absolutely fits the bill. My recent far-off adventures found me craving Santal’s exotic heartwood and royal Indian sandalwood; It’s a rich and evocative fragrance for both men and women, capturing India’s royal and spiritual splendor—in fact this red-as-rubies scent has my chakras fully aligned for the blustery weather ahead! You can be sure I’ll be sporting this sublime scent throughout the coming seasons.


  1. James Andrew says:

    Well Hello jon k,

    This is one of those rich fragrances I know you would enjoy!



  2. Carter says:

    Mr. Andrews,
    Your blog to has actually been my initial introduction to the Creed house of fragrances. I will will be making my first Creed purchase, and wanted to get your opinion on the Aventus fragrance. I’m torn between Aventus and a scents that fit under the universal category. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Love the site.
    Be Well

  3. James Andrew says:

    Hello Carter,

    So happy to hear I have been able to connect people with one of my favorite fragrance houses- Creed.

    In regards to your selection – Aventus is a bit bolder statement than some of the Universal fragrances.

    So if you are feeling like conquering the world – Aventus might be the way to go.

    It is still incredibly fresh like the Universal ones tend to be , but with a few more powerful notes.

    I hope that helps in making your selection.



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