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Creed Erolfa

This season definitely has us here at WIJW thinking seaside escape. In fact we’re already planning to revisit our favorite body of water—and we’re speaking of the Mediterranean of course. While we’re sorting out the details, a light misting of Creed’s glorious Mediterranean inspired fragrance, Erolfa, has us eagerly anticipating those azure coastlines.

Created by Oliver Creed to celebrate his fond memories of sailing the Mediterranean with his family, this fabulously fresh nautical fragrance actually gets its name from the members of the Creed family—ER for Erwin Creed, Oliver’s son; OL for his daughter Olivia; and FA for Fabienne, Erwin and Olivia’s mother.

Why not stop by Creed and try a drop of this bottled sunshine for yourself.


  1. Dean says:


    So elegant! Creed is very aristocratic and refined.


  2. I am so glad that you wrote about Erolfa! This is my all-time favourite scent!

  3. fran says:

    I cannot wait to buy one! I love the design of the bottle.

  4. James Andrew says:

    Well Mr World Man About Town-

    We quite possibly might be finally approaching Spring , so I thought perfect time to start to share some of my favorite seasonal fragrances.



  5. manolo march says:

    hi james , love your blogg !!!
    i had heard a lot about it but im having dinner with Pepa Chalton who has made me discover your beautiful world !!
    shes told me that you might be caming to madrid in june. if so we would love to host a party on your honour. we share the same interest.
    please g ahead with your Villa Magna plans, I have a Place in Mallorca and can give you advise.
    please keep in touch and let us know.
    best regards

  6. Dean says:


    I love the description “bottled sunshine” !


  7. sam says:

    Himalaya and Green Irish Tweed are two of my favorites from the mens line.
    Aqua Fiorentina is my personal favorite!
    NICE TO SEE A post about CREED!

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