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Contemplative on the Cape


I’m photographed here enjoying the unimpeded views and soothing sounds of my friend’s ocean-side Cape Cod retreat. A change of environment like this can really help one to clear some of the internal chatter, allowing an opportunity to realign one’s thoughts, purpose, and direction. With a base of gratitude and appreciation for what is here now, I’m imagining some of the great myriad of beautiful possibilities ahead.

Contemplating the spectacular views, I’ve opted for a super casual vibe –
D Squared jeans with embroidery, Michael Bastian blue and white cotton check western shirt, a bit of spark added by a Gucci silver chain belt and Dior silver leather sneakers.


  1. DeanFarris says:

    Dear James, you never cease to AMAZE me ! I always am thinking how funny that we all have backsides, and usually cannot see them… don’t you think that is hysterical ? Yours is looking mighty fine in this shot. Have been up since before dawn, exploring dozens of fab design blogs. I love Cote Texas and Eddie Ross, as well as Aesthetes Lament. A funny one is TBS for The Broke Socialite. Anyway, keep bringing us these wonderful pics, I look forward to them, and hope to see more and more. Fondly, Dean

  2. Brandie says:

    Wicked jeans! Love them! Love your style!

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