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Chic in the Rain

James Andrew and a rainy NYC - photo Nick Turner

James Andrew and a rainy NYC – photo Nick Turner

Frightful weather, along with the many unpleasantries that accompany it, certainly can present one with a major fashion conundrum—no one wants to see their lovely Louboutin’s ruined or the crease in their trousers completely obliterated in wet weather.

And so, today I bring you my dreary day essentials: a ravishing raincoat that will actually keep you and your clothing safe and dry, a super chic umbrella, wonderful wellies, and a scrumptious silk scarf to add a bit of personal panache. The point is, there’s absolutely no reason one can’t cope with a dreary day and a gloomy mood when you’ve equipped yourself well.

The classic double breasted Allegri trench coat I’m wearing (above) is a timeless piece. It’s constructed from a double twisted cotton gabardine that is treated to be both waterproof and breathable. Swaine Adney Brigg’s joyously eccentric Whangee umbrella is my favorite for Spring/Summer rain. The best Wellies on earth are of course made by Le Chameau… Chasseur wellies in this gorgeous olive green are my go-to footwear for inclimate weather. Apparently the whole House of Windsor happens to champion Le Chameau—and they really do have some pretty awful weather to contend with! The finishing touch is my over-the-top silk paisley scarf by Etro—wearing this never fails to take the edge off of a gloomy New York City day. And as usual, a misting of Creed’s Original cologne is also quite helpful when looking to lift one’s spirit!


  1. wendy woo says:

    fabulous reminder to forego being a fashion slacker in less than optimal weather!

  2. Danny says:

    Oh Andrew!!!
    The scarf is totally OTT, but wins for wins for visual impact!!!
    Now where are those puddles?
    X, Danny

  3. Lovely gumboots James – from which outfitter?

  4. Oonagh says:

    Love, love love the scarf, James!

  5. James Andrew says:

    My Dear Wendy,

    My point exactly!

    I am sure you manage to always be chic regardless of weather!



  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Robert,

    They are the French firm – Le Chameau – and they are the chasseur model.



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