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Chadwick Bell Spring Summer 2013

Chadwick Bell Spring Summer 2013

Chadwick Bell Spring Summer 2013

I’ve cut down quite a lot on the number of fashion shows and presentations that I make time to see. That being said, the only show I actually went to during fashion week was the incomparable Chadwick Bell’s.

Each season Bell develops his collection with a fantasy woman in mind, and for his latest Spring Summer 2013 collection, “Nirvana” is his mot du jour. Finding a balance between “austerity and adornment,” Bell’s fantasy woman, as he describes her, “…is on a crusade for clarity, stripping down the artifice, and exposing a truer self.”

Are we in love with this woman? Emphatically and wholeheartedly, YES…and as Bell’s collection is inextricably linked to this woman, we are thoroughly smitten with it as well. Both symbolic and manifest, contrasts of light and dark, soft and hard, protection and vulnerability are masterfully expressed in airy georgette and viscose set against structured leather and cotton. Bell manages to resolve these contrasts beautifully, rendering all whole with a deft hand and enlightened eye.

Seems to us that our female WIJW fans might consider Chadwick Bell’s collection, (and the empowered story it tells), as they proceed on their own journey toward sartorial and personal enlightenment!

James Andrew - Fashion Week NYC

James Andrew - Fashion Week NYC

On my way to the show at Lincoln Center I’m sporting a Tom Ford “Wetherby” suit in ocean blue wool silk linen melange, royal blue & white cotton silk polka dot print pointed classic collar French cuff shirt, navy and white silk dot pocket square and a navy and pale blue large polka dot tie, pearl and pale blue sapphire cuff links, vintage Rolex watch, Tom Ford “Marco” sunglasses and my fragrance is Creed Original Cologne.


  1. wendy woo says:

    Love this collection. Fresh. I don’t feel that I have seen these pieces before.

  2. James Andrew says:

    Dear Wendy,

    Chadwick Bell’s collections are just sublime!



  3. hotline says:

    Oh James, for the next level of your exceptional jet set style you have to look up for some Berluti’s, don’t you? 🙂

  4. Brad says:

    Well you’re looking very nice here.

  5. James Andrew says:

    Brad ,

    Thank You!

    This look was a HUGE hit – I was photographed by more than 30 photographers when I arrived at the Chadwick Bell show at Lincoln Center.



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