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Celebrating Scott McBee

Scott McBee and James Andrew at the Four Seasons

This week has seen both the monumental and marvelous as our very own beloved Scott McBee has just turned the half century mark, and, in addition, our six year anniversary is coming up!

So yes, a week of celebrations are afoot, and we’ve already made some good headway, having enjoyed a spectacular birthday dinner with close friends at the most glorious Four Seasons—and if you are wondering, for his special day I gave McBee a Tom Ford tuxedo and evening ensemble—and oh he does wear it so so well! I love a man in a tuxedo.

Anniversaries do give one pause to reflect. With such an incredibly high attrition rate these days, one can be truly grateful for a lasting relationship. Of course there is some effort involved—so much of it is about being on the same page. Looking back over my six years with McBee, I can say we’ve never had any agenda. We’ve resisted the somewhat unnatural pressure to “get somewhere”—rather we take each day as it comes, making time to listen to each other, and giving space where needed (we are both pretty busy with careers). We enjoy hitting the town as well as spending quality time together. Above all, we continually cultivate an attitude of admiration and mutual respect for one another. That’s a big one. In short, we’re still very much in love!

I look forward to sharing ever more beautiful experiences with my very best friend and gorgeous companion. Cheers to you, Mr. McBee!

For birthday celebrations, I’m dressed in the most sensational Tom Ford three piece suit in charcoal wool cashmere Prince of Wales plaid, checked cotton shirt with French cuffs, hounds tooth black velvet bow tie, black and white silk pocket square and black and saddle leather loafers, black pearl cuff links, vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch and my fragrance is Creed Royal Oud


  1. Topaz says:

    What a nice tribute! Congratulations to you both.

  2. Nothing is finer than a man in Tom Ford, especially a tux; what a wonderful gift James. Scott truly makes 50 look extremely good! Congratulations to you both on your impending anniversary. I believe ‘not having an ‘agenda’ is the best advice I’ve read in a long while. We do need to plan, but living in the moment and contentment is very underrated.

    All my best to you both!

    Cheers ~ Deborah

  3. Ami says:

    Congrats to you both. What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a lovely partner. Wishing you many more years of love and admiration.

  4. Miles de Lange says:

    Been following your fun and very stylish blog and wanted to congratulate you both, what a beautiful tribute and how inspiring!
    And happy birthday to Scott.

  5. Matt says:

    Bravo, congratulations to you both!

  6. James Andrew says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank You for your very kind words!



  7. Jon Stone says:

    Wishing you many many more!

  8. James Andrew says:

    Dear Deborah,

    Thank You for your very lovely comment and feedback!

    I just took a look at your brilliant blog, I look forward to following you.



  9. Mary Bradley says:

    The fact that Scott is 50 baffles the mind. Yowzah!
    Also I love your description of the way you two care for one another…”cultivating an attitude of admiration and respect”…so sweet and also inspirational.

    Cheers to you both!

  10. Dean Farris says:


    So happy for you and Scott. That is one good lookin five-oh!

    Love is the answer!


  11. Dean Farris says:

    James, I found this sonnet from Shakespeare for you and McBee.

    Let us not to the marriage of true minds
    admit impediments. Love is not love
    which alters when it alteration finds,
    or bends with the remover to remove:
    O No! It is an ever-fixed mark,
    That looks on tempests and is never shaken…

  12. David says:

    Happy birthday to Scott and congratulations to you both, a lovely and touching tribute.

  13. Marianne says:

    You make a handsome couple and your description of your relationship with Scott would make anyone envious. Here’s to happiness for you both in 2012 and beyond.

  14. bill says:

    cheers! we have the 40th coming up in july…and we worked hard at it as friends with tons of laughs and warm hearts!

  15. Great suit! Nice work James.

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