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Cecil Beaton: The New York Years

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that I often look to Cecil Beaton’s wide body of work as well as the life of the man himself for inspiration. While Beaton is primarily known as a photographer, his influences were felt (and continue to be felt) in almost every creative medium he worked in, including set design, film, painting, and writing. He documented and conversely set trends internationally through major publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, producing nearly fifty years of iconic photographs.

Needless to say New York was a fertile artistic and social stomping ground for Beaton, and that brings us happily to this gorgeous new book by Donald Albrecht, Cecil Beaton: The New York Years, which encompasses a prolific body of work and chronicles the refined vision that Beaton brought to bare on fashion, the fashionable, and indeed on entire eras.

Compulsory material for any aspiring bon vivant and/or creative, this is a certified WIJW must-have for your library. Do secure a copy.


  1. I attended the show at the Museum of the City of New York — it was marvelous! I have collected his books (focusing on first editions) for many years, and treasure them.

  2. James Andrew says:

    Reggie Darling,

    I was at the opening, it was brilliant!

    I have also collected all of these beautiful Beaton books.

    I loved your recent blog post sharing your day in New York City.

    I want to see the Yale Whiffenpoofs.



  3. Dean Farris says:


    All the good decorators know about Beaton, and have his books in their libraries, and we are no exception. Apparently, dear Cecil was madly in love with Greta Garbo. I am reminded of when I live abroad for a year (My Grand Tour) and met Lord Snowdon, Barney Wan of Vogue, and Jeremy Fry, a fabulous aesthete who lived in Bath and the south of France at the time. I also lunched with Peter Hood and his wife, Peter worked for John Fowler. I love London, and my friend Stephen keeps a flat in Mayfair, for Summers away from Naples. Thanks for sharing!


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