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H.M. Luther

Antinoüs Allure


There have been many varying accounts regarding the meeting and ensuing relationship of the Roman Emperor Hadrian and his beloved Antinous. After Antinous drowned in the Nile (for unknown reasons), the grief stricken Hadrian decreed Antinous a god and Antinous was to become forever associated with Egyptian Nile related god Osiris, as well as the Roman Bacchus. The ideal beauty of Antinous has been the subject for countless sculptures through the ages, garnering particularly noteworthy interest by collectors during The Enlightenment.

Always one to be drawn by a thing of beauty, I was doubly pleased by such a fantastic story!

Here at the superb H.M. Luther gallery, I’m pictured next one of a pair of sculptures depicting the lovely Antinous in Egyptian dress – a masterwork that would no doubt have met with the approval of the Emperor.

The Sheremetov pair at Ostankino.

The Sheremetov pair at Ostankino.

There is an almost identical set to this pair in the 18th century Russian summer palace of the Sheremetov family – see above. I’ll be working toward having a set like this in my dream home someday!

I’m wearing a mint green cotton jacket, white cotton voile safari shirt, lavender micro corduroy pants, python loafers and white leather bag all by Gucci, purple alligator belt with sterling buckle by Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford pocket square in lavender and brown silk polka dots, glasses are by Dior.

Swedish Splendor

My fine antique dealer friends have an uncommon eye for extraordinary pieces – really I consider them on par with world class museum curators. My friends at H. M. Luther are no exception. I love this Swedish mahogany eight leg dining table by Nordiska Komponiet; It would be perfect in a rectangular dining room or in an entrance gallery/library as a book table. On the table is a beautiful collection of Swedish porphyry containers. Porphyry became one of the sought after Roman royal stones of choice two millennia ago, and its rich aubergine hue and unusual crystalline structure continues to compliment any room with imperial flair!

I am seated on one of a set of four Swedish Grace Period zebra wood and ebonized birch dining chairs. I am wearing a dazzling metallic silver down parka by Ralph Lauren (a remnant from my days as an interior designer at Ralph Lauren), gray cashmere turtleneck and black wool flannel pants by Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent black leather “Windsor” loafers, black leather tote by Gucci, and red leather gloves by Sermoneta to add a pop of color.

H.M. Luther

H. M. Luther is one of my favorite galleries in New York. I try to place at least one object from their exquisite selection in every project I do. Here I am standing in front of a Swedish 20th century rosewood and specimen wood writing table by Carl Malsten with one of a pair of Neoclassical Swedish gilt chairs from ca. 1790. Despite a span of more than 200 years between their respective origins – these pieces work beautifully together. The set of four neo-baroque shell and coral sconces in the background are by the legendary decorator Dorothy Draper – I may need to channel a project in Palm Beach so I can use these for someone!

I am wearing a cotton beige suit ( another great between-seasons choice ) by Gucci, Tom Ford pale blue cotton glen plaid shirt, Charvet blue and white silk pocket square in a vintage 60’s pattern, Seaman Schepps silver pearl with pale blue sapphire cuff links., Hermes blue leather belt with silver buckle, Yves Saint Laurent black leather “Windsor” slip on shoes.