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Alvaro Nates

James Andrew with Alvaro Nates

James Andrew with Alvaro Nates – photo Alvaro Nates

Having been quite smitten with his bold photographs posted on Instagram, I’ve managed to become “Insta-friends” with the brilliant Mexico City based photographer Alvaro Nates.

I was desperate to work with him and jokingly wrote him asking when he was going to put his “big fat lens on me.” Well, providence was smiling, and miracle of miracles, Nates had already scheduled a trip to New York City! As you might have surmised by now, he also joined us here on WIJW for a spectacular photo shoot!

Alvaro Nates self portrait — James Andrew interior

Alvaro Nates self portrait — James Andrew interior

Nates was born in Columbia and as a child he tells us he had aspirations to become a clown – I am happy to say that despite never becoming one, his humor is well intact—he exudes such warmth, energy and infectiously charming playfulness!

Nates’ sister was quite the “it” girl on TV and a young handsome Alvaro was quickly discovered while accompanying her on casting calls. He had a long stretch as a successful model. On his travels he became increasingly interested in the view from behind the camera, and a Poloroid camera he happened upon became a new vehicle for the sort of creative expression Nates yearned for. Fast forward—working for NatGeo, Nates continued his travels, meeting amazing people and perfecting his art. Portrait photography, drawing, and videography are all now a part of his artistic quiver.

photo Alvaro Nates

photo Alvaro Nates

While in New York City, Nates and I came up with the concept of playing “Tom Ford” by referencing a makeover segment Ford recently produced. I dressed our friend, Nates, in Tom Ford and we set about creating a WIJW photo drama. It not only captures Nates’ professional eye, I think, but demonstrates a good deal of technical prowess, since many of these are pairs of individual shots seamlessly spliced together.

James Andrew and Alvaro Nates - photo Alvaro Nates

James Andrew and Alvaro Nates – photo Alvaro Nates

Fortunately we were the exact size so all my clothes fit my friend quite exquisitely.

Nates and I had the most divine time together playing dress up, and we celebrated our production with martinis followed by oysters and champagne at Wild Edibles followed by burgers and more martinis at Blue Smoke—needless to say, we had quite an evening!

Cheers! - photo Alvaro Nates

Cheers! – photo Alvaro Nates

I dressed Nates in a Tom Ford green tweed windowpane suit, plaid cotton shirt in browns and purple, purple wool knit tie, brown and purple polka dot silk pocket square. I’m wearing a Tom Ford amethyst wool tri-color window pane “Country Jacket,” lavender and white striped cotton shirt, brown wool knit tie, brown and ivory glen plaid silk pocket square, brown corduroy pants, brown leather belt with rose gold buckle and brown suede and crocodile cap toe shoes, antique moon stone cuff links and my fragrance is Tom Ford Oud.


James Andrew Thanksgiving

James Andrew Thanksgiving

We’re just wrapping up the Thanksgiving holiday stateside. It’s a time for festivities with family and friends in the spirit of the early settlers’ harvest feast (and I trust many of us are also remembering the Wampanoag’s indispensable part in the success of that harvest!).

As you know I’m not one to express thanks just once yearly, but make continual gratitude a big part of my daily mindset! Certainly as TUT recently posted, two of the most powerful words for bringing about change are “thank you” —and that sign of gratitude can be particularly efficacious when presented before change even happens, when life still looks much like it did the day before. In fact a sincere “thank you” can help in coping with things we generally label undesirable, such as fear and sadness. It’s a way of recognizing that we can learn from everything—that the bumps in life are a wake up call that can assist our progress toward deeper understanding and even enlightenment.

All that being said, we here at WIJW have had a lot to be grateful for this weekend, and we’ve been having a grand time getting caught up in the spirit of the holiday, cooking for family, friends, and strays alike. It’s hard for me to think of a better gift than to invite people over to share a meal lovingly and of course stylishly prepared! Thank you to all here on WIJW for joining in our celebration of thanks!

Scott McBee has captured me preparing a meal at home for a small group of fabulous friends. I’m sporting a Tom Ford rustic wool silk tweed mouline “priest hat” tweed “Country” jacket, Turnbull and Asser forest green and white mini check shirt with contrast white collar, antique Scottish agate cuff links, Charvet forest green and white retro print silk pocket square, Gucci python belt with double horse head silver buckle, Uniqlo jeans and Gucci black suede “Belgian” style slippers. My fragrance is Creed Royal-Oud

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James Andrew - Lalanne at Sotheby's

James Andrew – Lalanne at Sotheby’s

As you all no doubt know by now, I’ve had a long-standing appreciation for the work of the husband and wife team, Claude (b. 1924) and Francois-Xavier (1927–2008) Lalanne, having reviewed their sculpture on WIJW more than a few times. You’ll recall I was thrilled to see their work displayed on Park Avenue in 2009, and then later to see curator Peter Marino’s show of their work at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. All this being said, it won’t surprise you when I say that I’m ecstatic about the sale/exhibition of Lalanne now at Sotheby’s — Les Lalanne: The Poetry of Sculpture.

Les Lalanne at Sotheby's

Les Lalanne at Sotheby’s

Curators Paul Kasmin and Michael Shvo focus on some of the most iconic Lalanne pieces, and even went so far as to construct an interior garden to display these sublime surrealist beauties—it’s a splendid show. I so love the unexpected scale, the sense of fantasy, and the playfulness these pieces convey, and I’d certainly jump at the opportunity to incorporate a few of them into the designs (both interior and exterior) I’m currently creating for my clients!

Be sure and visit Sotheby’s to experience these lovely Lalannes in person! They’ll be on exhibit until November 22, 2013.

We’ve made the Lalannes’ luscious Pommes D’Hiver my backdrop for today’s post. I’m sporting a Tom Ford amethyst windowpane plaid wool and silk tweed jacket and purple wool knit tie, Turnbull and Asser purple gingham shirt, Hermes grey silk pocket square, Paul Smith grey wool pants, Ralph Lauren black alligator belt with sterling buckle, YSL black leather “Windsor” loafers, Rolex watch, and my fragrance is Creed Royal Water.

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